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  1. Mark M

    JUNK…don’t waste your money!!

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    • pete b

      I’ve looked at them myself, he’s right, there is nothing inside them to transmit any”scrambling” signal, and if it did transmit, it would be from the oscillating circuit for the detector side, and at very low output, enough to be caught by the radar detector detector

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  2. Fernando R

    Wow it amazes me that this company still exists and even selling at Nebraska Furniture Mart. I remember my father and I bought one from Sharper Image in/or around 2000. It claimed to jamr RADAR! Back then Sharper Image sold quality product so I thought this was legit. Well I took it out of the box and the first thing I noticed was how light it was. Seem like it was just an empty plastic case with lights. I even took it apart and I saw this tiny circuit board that didn’t even take up half the space inside. So I took it out for a spin and found an Indiana State trooper at his usual spot. And the radar part worked but had no clue about the jamming. It just didn’t feel right so I was able to sell it on eBay for 80% of the original price. The buyer wanted to talk to me about the unit. So he asked does it really work. All I could tell him was I never got a ticket with it. Granted I used it for 1 day and drove the speed limit the whole time. I had no faith in the unit and got it sold ASAP.

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