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    why is it that in the reviews on the red line detector every one gives it 4 to 5 stars,
    but when i visit amazon.com there are a shit load of 1 star reviews?
    same with the max/2?
    most are complaints of service required needed just past the warranty and bad speakers.
    but reading on your web site says nothing about bad speakers and service required?
    are u one of thous companies that are untrustworthy and block bad comments?
    you also have tests on radar detectors that don’t match you tube videos of radar testing?
    on you tube the redline always chirps before the max/2 and every other detector but on your testing they are the same?

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  2. Mike

    I used the V1 for decades until I moved to Virginia where detectors are illegal.
    I now use the Redline and am impressed with its Ka warning ability.
    It is a fine piece of equipment and I endorse its abilities although I am waiting for an undetectable Valentine 1 as the arrows ar priceless.

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