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  1. Sorry to say, but it’s true. I’m shocked that Mike has just essentially given up. I have a V1 for 3 years already, don’t get me wrong but I think it’s still the best, but it lacks many features.

    RDD proof, GPS or AT LEAST a display to tell the frequencies of the radar sources, poor 35.5 GHz range and laser falses from Infiniti LCC, construction signs and the brake lights of GMC and Chevy SUV’s.

    I plan to never sell my V1. It has saved me so many times that I can’t even count them, but it’s a shame there will be no V2. I wonder what 2011 will bring us enthusiasts in the radar detector field.

    – Jake

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  2. kyle

    sadly i agree even though i love mine

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  3. cincinnatiboom

    Radar Roy
    If you have any character you will not delete this. I challenge you to explain why you have it out for Mike Valentine. There is a lot of controversy that I will admit is nothing more than controversy indicating that you pick on Mike Valentine because you do not get kick backs for endorsing the V1 like you do other products. After reading your blog, I must say that it is pretty obvious. Let’s look at the facts. No doubt that the V1 was one of the best detectors. It may not be anymore but Mike Valentine designed and made what he wanted to out of it. He deserves the Porsche that he drives and the money he made from his product. Did he rip any one off? I sure don’t think so. If he does not want his product to go any further, then so be it. Why do you slander him for not having enough innovation? That is his choice and I don’t think it’s fair for you to take a personal stab at him. If Mike wants to so called be lazy, how does that effect you?

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    • I do not think that this is a slanderous attack in any way… The truth is I have had a V1 that was bought new a year and a half ago, and there has not been a single software update in that time… It works pretty well, but has so many false alarms in the Chicago area where I live that I just sold it in order to buy the Escort 9500ix.

      Valentine 1 was the best, but you cannot say that they have succeeded in innovating and iterating on their product.

      I don’t think that there is anything wrong with getting affiliate income for providing valuable feedback and reviews for products… Radar Roy puts in alot of effort to maintain this website, and there are expenses for hosting and such that needs to be paid. Affiliate income allows him to provide this website with quality content for people to consume without requiring them to pay a membership fee.

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      • "Radar" Roy Reyer

        @Daniel thanks for your support. Truth be known the affiliate income that I would get from this site is given back to the person purchasing the product though our 10% gift card. So actually the only income generated from this site are from folks that use the link and do not use the 10% radar detector coupon code, and there are very few people that don’t…

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  4. stalkervision

    There is SO much Mike V. could do with his detector. Just for starts the display and controls need major updating ! The fact the R/R has pointed out mike’s patents are going away on the antenna is something I would have never guess would happen so soon considering it’s his major selling point..”arrows’

    Yes i agree. mike has got fat and happy on the complacence of others and himself.

    It might not last too much longer.

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  5. @Cinncinnatiboom Sorry you think my post is a personal attack or that it is slanderous against Mike Valentine because that was not my intention.
    The V1 “was one of the best” detectors as you say and it is not one of the best today because of Mike’s lack of innovation that is what my point is.
    If my initials was CP where I would be going out and writing bias articles about his products then I could see your point, but I have never done that.
    My point in this post is Mike is going “backwards in time” using 15 year old ads to advertise his product while those “other famous brands” are innovating moving forward.

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    • Phillip Ashby

      RR, You give a whole new meaning to the “Cornhusker Kickback”. I wonder if you could have retailed V1’s all these years if it would have made a difference in your “independent” reviews. I wonder what kind of incentives you get from Escort marketing programs to promote Escort products. It is very obvious you do. I made the mistake and followed your unbiased advise and purchased the Passport 8500 in 2003. This radar detector was touted by you as the ‘World’s Best”. What a joke. I purchased a V1 about 6 months later and the 8500 was not in the same class as the V1. So now Escort has developed the 8500 X50, 9500? and the Redline along with all the Bell stuff to maybe finally caught up to the V1?? I will find out because I have a Redline on the way I will find out what it is made of very quick in my travels here in KY. Roy, just go ahead and be proud of the fact that you work for Escort and wear your Escort supplied shirts and jackets proudly.

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      • "Radar" Roy Reyer

        Phillip, Thank you for your comments Phillip and I would be glad to hear your comments regarding the Redline that you’ve ordered in comparison with the Valentine One.
        As far as getting a kickback from Escort for these reviews, I do not and as far as “retailing” any product I also do not do that. We do have an affiliate relationship with Radarbusters however with the discount that we have, we pass savings on to the folks that come to our website and decide to order.

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  6. stalkervision

    R/R isn’t attacking the v1 so much as pointing out things that most people already know about and want improved on.

    is that a crime? The crime is that this detector is getting like a pretty old Ford Mustang and not in a good way.

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  7. stalkervision

    V1 won’t be able to re-patent their multiple antenna “innovation” which was actually taken from another company but put into a single unit.That’s the “patent” btw. They will have to come out with a completely different system improvement. Will they. Like R/R said unlikely. The only thing that they will be able to keep patented is it’s “design” meaning it’s shape.

    BTW M/V isn’t the one that developed the v1 so much as one of his top engineers that never gets any credit sad to say.

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  8. stalkervision

    I read this interesting statement on radardetector.net.

    ” A patent filed on February 25, 1991 and issued on January 21, 1992 will expire on February 25, 2011. The invention disclosed and claimed in the patent will now be part of the public domain. No one else will be able to get a patent for the same invention. ”

    They won;t have to whatsoever. The “patent will be completely ” public demain ” and any company will now be able to us it to put multiple antenna in a single detector.

    They will probably be able to even use more of Mikes’s “innovations”

    as Roy said “does mike really care”

    bet he sells the company now for a small fortune before this ever worries him.

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  9. WCU80MT

    Disclosure: I own and use a V1 RD; have for 5 years.

    RR points out that the V1 does not have stealth from a Spectre. Its true, but why do I care??
    I don’t care if a Spectre can detect me.
    I depend on the cop pulling that I/O trigger well in advance of my position so I can ensure that my speed is (or will be) in conformance to the law when he finally locks on to me.

    If you have stealth RD and he’s running I/O but being very selective at his targets, you’re toast any way when he pulls the trigger with you in the line of fire. Stealth to a RDD means squat at that moment.

    Let’s turn to GPS integration. Again, why do I care?? I know where I am and I don’t depend on a RD to tell me. Its a modification on a product that is not required or really needed. A RD is designed to alert you when you encounter a radar source; not tell you where you are.

    Finally, someone else mentioned the Radar Frequency as a “have-to-have”. Why? What necessitates you knowing the frequency of a 2-4 second encounter with a police radar? What advantage does that give you? Actually, none. Unless you want to tell the cop “Hey, you nailed me with a 34.6 GHz radar gun. I was so busy reading off the rader gun frequency that I forgot to check my speed and got busted”. Pretty stupid.

    Bottom line: the product is his to do as he wishes; for good or bad. Customers will evaluate his product based on their User Needs and the Product Specifications. If a product meets your user needs, you buy it. If not, you move on to a product that does.

    In the end, its none of your business what Mike V. does or doesn’t do. It is what it is. Its his toy and he can do what he wants.

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    • Shawn

      …that was probably the most intelligent post I’ve read on this thread.

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  10. MarvC

    I have owned several detectors started with Escort many years ago and ended with the 9500i which was tried and eventually sold.
    You can sometimes laden a product with bells and whistles which kills the original concept.
    Went with the STIDriver and really enjoyed the unit especially with the ramp up fix.
    Was all OK until a fellow friend/commercial pilot let me us the V1.
    I was hooked by the solid performance and information displayed by a detector.
    The STIDriver is in my wife’s RAV4 with the V1 in mine.
    The detector choice is personal one will go the direction in what works best for them.
    In my humble opinion they can leave the V1 just as it is no bells or whistles required.
    I do question if the V1 were available for sale on RR site how would that change the mindset of the owner posting thoughts. Just a thought…

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  11. Red Hazard

    I appreciate the candid information from R/R as I certainly would not want to buy an obsolete RD. Hopefully Valentine will develope a new RD that is competitive with the latest available from competitors. That is a win win situation for all customers and spurs more innovation. I do not understand the mentality, “I own brand X and therefore it has to be the best RD.” I for one, would like to know if there is something better and appreciate the RD reviews on the web.

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  12. RaidV92C

    I have no dog in this fight as I own and use a Whislter Pro 78 (or something). It works fine for me in Texas. But, it is very clear to me from the reviews that seem to lean heavy against Valentine that these guys don’t like each other PERSONALLY. I respect your opinions RR, but you do seem to have a bug up your butt with Valentine.

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  13. icantdrive55

    I have had my V-1 for years (for about 14 years now, I believe) and have had a few “updates” or “upgrades” to it. One upgrade was free of cost.

    I can go on and on about how great I think the unit is, but what I think of it does not matter to those who dont like the V-1. And that is fine!

    I am looking at this ad Radar Roy is talking about. Also, I am thinking about all the radar detector ads in magazines.

    Mike V. uses “Joe Public” users (such as myself) in his ads to “hit close to home” to the readers. Average schmucks using the V-1…and telling about their experience(s) in real-world instances. Good advertising technique in my opinion.

    Other R/D ads pitch how great they are (and they might be) by just blabbering about themselves with no real-world experiences used. Yes, they *do use comments and reviews from “professional reviewers” or “magazines”, but I would prefer to hear it from the average driver such as in V-1 ads. (And yes, I know V-1 uses “professional reviewers and magazines” too, but I really dont look at those, too.)

    And I agree with MarvC above in his last sentence. What IF RR sold V-1’s on his site and was making some decent profit off them?? I think this blog might be a subtle way to lure people who are on the fence of buying a V-1 to in buying something off his site.

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  14. mithrandir

    Could the V1 be improved upon? Definitely.
    Are improvements to the V1 needed? It probable depends on the user.

    I think it would be nice if another model type was offered with some added features (gpa/frequency display/different colored LED/RDD proofing/etc.)

    It may be possible that MV does not see it as prudent to offer other model types and/or features. I do not know.

    I think the V1 is very good in its current setup and the software is revised from time to time. Still it would be nice to see a very good RD improved.

    Will MV make any major improvements/innovations to the V1? Time will tell.

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  15. Merlin1300

    Sorry Mike – but I have to totally agree with RR. Any technology lead you might have had has long vanished, and your refusal to innovate now leaves me with little choice but to jump ship and move on with either Escort or Beltronics. 2+ years ago, I recommended to Mr. Valentine that he consider software upgradable detectors, AND recommended consideration of enabling GPS linked threat mitigation (along with other suggestions). I received a polite reply from one of his technicians that no hardware or firmware mods were likely for the forseeable future. The detector I currently have has been listed as “our most advanced” now for 2+ years – not even any recommendations to ‘send it in for updated firmware’. With the expiration on his patent for the quadrature detection system rapidly approaching (and undoubtedly Escort will be there on 1 March ready to sell ‘radar locator’ units similarly equipped), the V1’s ONLY advantage will vanish. Mike – you’re a good engineer – but a ROTTEN businessman. You’ve lost the fire of innovation, and the V1 will fade in the rear view mirror. Too bad! I have no particular Axe to grind with the V1 – it has been a good performer – but as the “chicken little” of radar detectors, it’s numerous falses have now induced driver response delays which will certainly cost me a ticket in the future. I will truly be sad to see the V1 go. I have been a faithful Valentine user since I first bought the original ‘Escort’ back when Mike was with Cincinnati Microwave – and still have the funny square box in my ‘antiques’ collection – soon to be joined, I’m afraid, by the V1.

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  16. Layzgofer

    I too have slanderous comments about certain products on a dif site, but they are honest and truthful and therefore not liable. I am certain this is the case here from all I’ve seen of RRs work. Thanks RR for not wavering against threats or whatever someone says to protect a less than accurate reputation of top quality. Without your site and solid research I and many others would be driving blind to much of the secret surveillance game, and what really works best.

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  17. Physics2010

    What I gained from this is that I will not buy a new radar detector until 2011. Even then there is plenty of innovation left. With a single antenna and gps you should be able to get a fix on the radar. With two antennas with a bit of separation and gps triangulation would be even easier. Add in bogie sharing via Bluetooth to your android/iPhone and you’re getting live “trapster” updates. Obviously registration would be needed to prevent poisoning the database, but there arE tons of things you could do even beyond cobras traffic and cam alerts, your speed, speedlimit etc. It would be like flying a wild weasel without the multi-kilowatt jammer.

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  18. powerpickle

    The V1 used to be top of the line but obviously not anymore and within 6 months will be completely outdated. The V1 has had a great run but it is at the end of the line which is why I won’t buy one. I have had Bels and Escorts which I always liked and often seriously considered the V1 and recently did but I decided on the Passport 9500ix and couldn’t be happier with it. For all the V1 lovers and rightfully so,aren’t you itching for and would love to see a V2? I do hope that it happens because that competition would inspire more advancements from all of the RD companies.

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    • Jstglockem

      I have been bitching about Mike now for sometime. I have been the proud owner of my V1 for over a dozen years now. I am ready to trade it in when someone comes up with a better detector.

      I imagine we are a couple years out at the most for this to happen. It would not surprise me at all if Cobra comes up with it.

      Why Cobra?
      They spend money making new things. Its a matter of time before they hit it big. Its a numbers game and to get in the game you have to play.

      Mike has been out of the game now for several years. Just like Mike I am done.

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  19. LTM905

    This article is tough to read for two reason: First, it is 100% right. Second, it is 100% wrong. Let me explain.

    Why it’s right: Belscort has most definitely blown by the V1 as far as technological advancements in recent years, with GPS by far being the most significant advancement. In that regard, yes: Mike Valentine does lack innovation by not trying to move forward with his design.

    Why it’s wrong: In all recent tests, the V1 is still running strong with all of its competitors, and even beating many of them with I/O & Q/T responsiveness. Call it lack of innovation, but the fact that his design still goes toe to toe with the “innovators” in the performance category is saying something. All-out range will only get you so far. Sure, the RL may alert to a threat 10 miles out while the V1 will only alert 9 miles out. Wow, what a loss..

    The big thing to remember is here is that there’s a market for all types of products. For many customers, RDD Immunity & GPS integration don’t mean much & simply garner a higher price tag, part of Mike’s thinking. I still see a market for the V1 for at least another 10 years despite the patents expiring.

    Also, one thing that this article forgets to mention is the revamp the V1 has received by the advent of a little thing called RadarActive technology. The adaption of RadarActive technology via the iPhone is a game-changer. When you combine a V1 with RadarActive, it will essentially blow away any plain old “detector”. No other product on the market can come close to providing real-time threat tracking and constant updating of threats via a cellular network, not to mention a high resolution display for the V1. When this technology catches on, the V1 will once again reign supreme.

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  20. I’m a fan of technology and as such I’ll hold out a bit longer for the V1. For me I see a good many detectors that have great features but I see no end all be all model, many come close such as the 9500ix I own but it’s 4 years old now and frankly I would’ve expected more by this time when I purchased it. I’m considering a V1 along with a Redline for highway use, long range and superior I/O is a must have for me. I get this sense that everyone, Mike V. and Escort etc. are heading towards a technology cusp of sorts, where once that happens, something big will happen and someone will break out from the pack and may very well surprise us all, at least I’m hoping it’ll happen like this, we shall see.

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  21. mottie

    hello evryone
    lets put things in order
    1.i never herd mike valentine say anything against escort while escort uses thier puddel for dashing and slander mike(the puddel is radar roy for folks who dident understand)
    2.radar roy calls himself an expert on rd while in the same time the man gives a good reviews to cobra detectors are you out of your mind?
    3.no one is saying that the redline is a bad detector but keep in mind that evry few years escor making a new detector in a andless persuit of catching up with v1 abblities and evry few years we need to spend 400$ time and time again.
    4.v1 ofers upgrading softwere in a low cost and you dont have to throw it away and buy anew one like escort stradegy!

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    • Several problems with your posting Mottle. If you take the time and download our buyers guide you will see that I don’t recommend Cobra’s at all. Second you don’t have to send in your Escort for firmware updates, you just connect it to your PC and download the updates. Escort is not playing catch up…

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      • mottie

        dear roy
        i wasent talking abaut gps units i was reffering to x50 x750 x850 and all
        of the vector family.and the redline i still think the v1 is superior to the redline but truley the redline is agood detector.
        2.if you dont recommend cobras why they appear proudly in radar busters?

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        • I have NOTHING to do with radarbusters at all, it isn’t my site, it belongs to Hayneedle. What they sell and promote is their business. I am an affiliate of Radarbusters, nothing more

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