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  1. Best radar detector overall.
    3 units exist as the top radar detector in reviews. In addition to the Escort Passport 8500 X50, the Bel Pro RX65 and Valentine One also receive the highest scores in reviews. But the Valentine One costs $100 more. The Escort radar detector sniffs out X, K and Ka-band radar guns from at least two miles away, and is especially good at tracking Ka-band guns in dangerous POP mode. Although the Valentine One is better at detecting laser guns, reviews say this aspect is of dubious value, since by the time the alarm sounds, iits already too late to avoid a ticket.

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  1. […] posted a "teaser" of some of the videos that were taken this year at SML on my blog SML 2008 Review – Radar Detector Shoot Out __________________ Visit my blog at: […]

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