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  1. I bought the new escort with GPS based on your review and I simply love it. Best unit I have ever had! And I now have interceptor laser jammers in both my cars and I am very happy! Saved me every time!
    Thank you.

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    • Thank you Scott glad to know that my reviews helped you in making an you an educated consumer and to avoid being scammed

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  2. EdFromOhio

    The really sad thing is that using their eBay listing that was active as of February 14, 2012, they sold 12 of these pieces of garbage. I guess the old saying is very true – A fool and his money are soon parted.

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  3. Matt

    You guys always leave me coming back to this site when I’m looking forward to being 1 step above the police’s radar/laser guns. Thanks!

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  4. Any updates Roy?

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  5. Paul

    I really do love my Escort… and for the money people should just buy the ones that they know are going to work right…

    Quit being cheap people! This is about protection!

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  6. David

    I’ve been looking for a radar/laser detector for a little while now. I was considering Radarshield’s Sky Eye product. Naturally I had to click on your site when I read your headline that came up in the search. Wow! I read this page from top to bottom. I am guessing that you have more pages but no matter. I usually don’t, well let’s be real here, I NEVER take one person’s word for it pretty much on any subject. You have several people who have chimed in here so it really got my attention.

    Then I went to check your information against another site I found about six months ago. Ripoff Report.com I think the url is http://www.ripoffreport.com After reading the information on your site I was really quite surprised at what I found there. NOTHING! I searched the company name, product names, the president’s name and even the attorney’s name and didn’t find one negative report. I find that to be strange since Ripoff Report.com has been on the internet since 1998 and they’ve had over eight Billion visits since the beginning. The actual number is: Total Visits since 1998: 8,820,000,000
    Correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t that getting close to NINE BILLION? Eight billion, eight hundred twenty million visits is a pretty big number. There are 1,825,853 reports filed on different companies and people. To be clear some companies have multiple reports filed against them.

    What I’m having difficulty figuring out is why there are no negative reports against this company or their products if they are as bad as they are made to be on your site. For crying out loud they offer to pay for your ticket if you get one within the first year of buying one of their radar detectors. Surely someone would have gotten ticked off and filed a report against them if they didn’t do what they said. Right? I mean hey, I would. 😀

    Anyway, I’m going to do more research before I make a decision. Thank you for putting up this page and voicing your opinion and allowing others to voice their opinions as well.

    I just checked on eBay. I found one seller who handles Ghost radar/laser detectors. His handle is nir770 and he has been on eBay since 2003. He doesn’t have a large quantity of feedback. One of his feedback left by a buyer is negative and it is in regard to the Ghost radar/laser detector. The buyer says it doesn’t work as advertised I want my money back. That’s pretty strong and I’ll take that as a word to the wise.

    At the same time I have to consider the possibility of a competitor buying a detector just so he can slam the competition in a very powerful way. I’m not saying that’s what’s going on but I also have no way to check it out to find the truth of the matter. eBay has the privacy issues that don’t allow communication between different buyers etc. Oh well…

    I thank you again. Seriously! Maybe I needed a word of caution. You may have saved me from a huge headache as well as a ticket. I don’t make speeding a habit but it helps me to make sure I am watching my speed very carefully when I have a detector. I don’t want a detector so I can race around like a maniac. The detector still has to work properly if it’s going to help me accomplish that goal.

    Take care! Have a wonderful day and everyone… Please drive safely.

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  7. Marty

    Roy…I saw your review/test on The Ghost at the April Shootout, 2015..in the Bad Arse area of Arizona!! 🙂 Is there any word on these products? There is no LIDAR antenna–etc in the unit? Did you send it to Escort? I know it has been a while but–any updates???-MartyTheMortician….PS: If cremation is needed—I am running a two for one on electronics only-this week…..2 for a dollar. Just let ol’ Martini know–thank you.

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  8. big m walker

    This whole thing is pretty damm sad that this is takeing place right now as we speake,the part thats really gets me down is these muts want anwser the damm phone nor do they anwser there e-mails this alone said alots about these people they need to be stop,something here is very wrong i whould say,where is the preson or people that can do something about people that do stuff like this DAMM.

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