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  1. kyle

    i want to know more about the photo fin

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  2. Tom Moore

    I found the PhotoFin Website: www thephotofin (dot) com One thing I found out, which could potentially be a problem, is that the PhotoFin sticks out from the plate like a shark’s fin. Yes, it is very thin, so looking straight on at the plate your eyes might not see it. But, if a cop stopped you and walked to the plate and was looking at it at an angle, of course the cop will notice the PhotoFin sticking out, and/or at the very least will notice the mirrored letters. Once this happens, you will get a ticket for putting something on the plate that blocks or distorts the letters or numbers in an effort to defeat cameras, etc.

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  3. ricky lewis

    i live in Scottsdale and I bought a Photo Fin and had it a week and I got stopped and recieved a ticket, which cost me $145.00.
    i tried to get my money back but the guy said no, apparently there is disclaimer somewhere that states you use it at your risk.

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  4. chris

    Your U Tube ad would be much more authentic if you showed a short clip of it in use, working. Also the outside helmet receiver is a dead give away where stealth in use is required

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