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  1. kyle

    im proud of you rad roy for helping exposure the truth about these worthless products

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  2. John

    Most of the dealers selling RMR radar products have no idea they are violating any FCC laws and are honest.

    If you really want to kill internet distribution, contact this distributor:




    Their product goes to 30-100 websites. If you stop the distributor, you will dry up the dealers.

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  3. Joe Traveler

    To be honest I don’t understand the argument. The site is saying these units dont work but all of the FCC filing are stating that is does interfere wtih Police Radar?? The FCC is not saying that they are making false claims.

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  4. The FCC does NOT say that they interfere with police radar, they say that they are intentional radiators.

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  5. Nevada Driver

    I think it’s great that any misrepresented claim like RMR was doing or even wonder pills or anything else like this gets stopped cold and fined heavily for doing it. They should also be required to refund the money to everyone they sold these products to.

    Not to knock you Roy, I just found your web site after getting my first ever speeding ticket (I’m 40 and have never done less than 10mph over the posted). None the less I was researching for a good detector and spent 3 days reading your site from front to back, your site is wonderful! I went with the 9500i. Anyhow though, I did notice somewhat of the pot calling the kettle black with your determination of RMR selling consumers non functional products and blatent false claims.

    I notice on your radarbusters.com site your selling this “Super Protector” which claims to mask your plate number from cameras. On the Discovery channel the crew at “Mythbusters” conclusively proved these do not work at all, yet your company claims they do and you sell them to people. Maybe not as severe or as expensive an item as RMR was doing but there are simularities in both your ethics are there not?

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  6. The covers that they tested were not the ones that are sold on Radarbusters, they were from Phantom Plate.

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  7. Nevada Driver

    I thought I read that you lived in Scottsdale, I lived in Mesa/Chandler for 20 years myself before moving to Nevada. I only point that out because I know all to well anyone living in that area has to deal with those camera’s daily and I figured you of all people would know first hand if those plate covers actually worked or not. After seeing the Mythbusters episode and then seeing them on your web site and thinking I read you were in Arizona I thought it very odd, thus the reason for my above comment.

    There’s no doubt though after reading the exhaustive information on your web site, and your own credentials that if anyone knew what worked and what doesn’t it would be you without any doubts to that. Sounds like Mythbusters need to revisit one of their busted myths, maybe they’ll even invite you on the show for some free publicity. Thanks for the response back.

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  8. I am going to back up Roy on this issue. The covers that Roy sells are reputable and do function as stated, which ofcourse the exeption of the Laser sheild me and others have tested this device to no avail, with zero gains. Although the laser sheild with a combo of veil could prove potentional usefull maybe and “Might” gain you slightly, although when putting laser veil on a plate it looks like you drove through mudd and then the odds are you will get light up for a obstructed plate, thus the laser sheild veil combo is not recommended. However, the Superprotector does work, and works very well as long as the camera’s in question are the older types and are not RedFlex brand camera’s. Redflex cam’s employ full time video backup, and a plate cover as such is pointless because they will just watch the video feed and when you get straight enough to the cam “Bam” your toast anyhow. Although to a simple off-axis flash or overhead cam that employs the older technology, YES the Superprotector would be extremely effective. Thus I have to go with Roy on this statment and say “They do work.” Although I would add only on “Certain” cam’s now days. They truely have upped the anty lately in the fight back on us motorists with full time video backup. Also, I would like to add that mythbusters is cracked, and their tests are ment to go in the favor of how they want them to look, thus to increase their ratings. Thus i would never again watch mythbusters for honest testing information. They even “Claimed” that active Laser Jammers do not work, when we all know at http://www.radardetector.net that they very well do work, and work very well depending on the gun in question and brand of jammer one opts to use. The laser sheild in my opinion is the only product that roy sells that honestly i would not invest another 20 dollars in as I feel it stands to gain you absolutely nothing, and this comes from a guy that owns three of Roy’s Laser Sheilds roy and owns 2 lidar guns one stalker LZ1, and a ProLaser II lidar/laser gun. So take that for what it’s worth roy. Alot of people on the forum beg to differ although i’d pay you roy to prove that this so called laser sheild has an effect that is worth it, or stands to “Protect” you from me attaining Instant PT. Thats just my .02 roy and to the gentlemen above. Although I have found that 99 percent of products ofcourse with 1 percent being the laser sheild, are effective and will save you from “Most” speeding tickets. The only other bone I might have to pick is, Laser veil. Which is priced very high. Not that Laser veil isn’t effective and that it does work, I and many others know and will attest to the fact that it very well does work. Although, it does not last as stated, it rubs off, and too boot came off when i powerwashed my suv!! So, my recommendation there is headlamp covers or change out your grille if at all possible instead and make your investment last. INstead of dumping 100 dollars for veil that is going to wear off in 2-3 weeks to months. And then having to pay for another 3.5oz which is rediculously overpriced in my opinion considering 904nm absorbant film is highly cheap and can be attained by just about anyone, and actually is “More” effective in testing that laser veil. No harm intended Roy, or veil guy bob, bob from veil has some excellent reviews on detectors, and laser jammers, as well as Roy too. It’s just these two products even after owning them myself i cannot and would not support to others as a consumer. The rest of roy’s products work great. The 9500i?? Well let’s just say thats all preference and i personally support the x-50 and the STi driver he has for sale alot more as TOP of the LINE detectors alot more than the 9500i I have witnessed the 9500i fail mutlipule times on K band, and on 35.5Ghz Ka bands.

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  9. Also one more thing that i neglected to add. The new TruSpeed issue vs the blinder laser jammer. There is a new Lidar gun on the block, and the Blinder Xtreme laser jammer supposedly will not jam it effectivly enough to provide “Sufficiant” protection. Although to the other lidars on the street which accounts for 90 percent of lidars out there the Blinder Xtreme lidar jammer will protect you sufficantly against these threats. Blinder although is reportedly according to their US distributor coming out with a new lidar jammer in FEB of 09′ So it is recommended if you intend to purchase a laser jammer that you wait until Feb of 09′ as Blinder USA has informed me that they entirely gutting the blinder plateform and starting over completely with a hole new product meaning totally different CPU control box and new heads and guts. Thus i’m guessing blinder is choosing to up the anty as they have always done in the past to combat the new TruSpeed threat. So I would wait to see if this is the case so you get your moneys worth when getting a jammer and get the latest and greatest and newer software, so it gives you the “Best protection” you can get for your dollar.


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  10. hey i think its great ur trying to help people with fighting tickets

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