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    • Bryan D

      Valentine and Escort have been the two contenders to become my first radar detector since high school. I have been researching the pros and cons of both and made the decision to buy my first radar detector when I graduate college. Three years have passed and I’m actually in the market to buy a radar detector now. Over the years I’ve been fantasizing about combinations of all my favorite features from various radar detectors all in one to become a product by the time I’m ready to buy one, I have a feeling that is what Escort’s latest is all about. I am a car guy, I like equipment and mods in my car. Having an RD with my HD dashcam would be a solid combination to make great youtube videos and reviews of performance. Winning possibly the best radar detector of all time right as I’m graduating college would be a great addition to my transition to ‘the real world’. I am an autodidact and radar detectors seem to be next on my list of hobbies to conquer. In high school and college, my friends would ask me about which radar detector they should buy. This always struck me as odd because I haven’t owned a radar detector besides my Dad’s old Cincinnati Microwave Escort, but I suppose they have seen me on forums and friend have referred them to me for questions. It’s surprising how many people inquire about good radar detectors until they hear the price!

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    • Gary Snidow

      Unfortunately, I was unable to hear the audio portion of your latest you-tube announcement, on my computer, of the new Escort detector, and all the details.

      Since I live in Virginia where troopers now have the Spectre detection devices, any new detector must be undetectable for me.

      I began my ownership of Escort products in 1981, while living in Tennessee, with my purchase of the original Escort, served me well, which I still own. My next step up was to the Escort 5, to gain laser protection, which later resulted in a ticket for having it, detected by VG-2, and traded in. To remedy this drawback, I then purchased a Escort 8500, and then when it displayed service needed, I acquired the 8500 x50. In October of 2012, I received a citation for having had the x50 detected by Spectre, at a great distance I might also add. Only in 1996, have I had a moving speeding ticket, due to advance warning. The one time in 1996 was an instant-on. Since I like to know when my speed is being monitored, I purchased the new Redline in October 2012, and have been extremely impressed with its reliability and detection distance. Only once, have I been hit with Laser on Interstate 81, but the reflection from other vehicles in front of me allowed me advance notice to slow in time. My x50 did not have this increased distance warning to laser.

      I have been an avid of Escort products, and would serve as an unbiased testor, if so selected. If not, then I would just have to weigh any possible advantages over the Redline.

      Thank you Roy for your excellent work in educating the public on detection issues.


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    • Rafael

      Hi Roy!! The aswer is simple,I´m passionate for driving smart! I live in Brazil, my uncle Robert gave me my first radar detector, a Cobra XRS 9930, and introduce me the to drive safely and smart with Radar Roy tips.
      I´m anxious to test the newest Escort with the last radars bought for Brazilian Police, as Microdigicam by Laser Tech.
      Driving safe, smart, and now lucky!!
      See you.

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    • Jim Scarlott

      Escort 9500ix for me with GPS programing that allows you to program out false alarms either manually or Automatically , Having driven An 18 Wheeler for almost 20 years, I know a thing or two about Radar detectors, I used them before they were banned in Commercial Vehicles, and even after ,so three things were at the top of my list that a detector needed to be Stealthy, as I don’t want every (LEO) in his cop car to know I’m using one. Next it needed to have the best distance/ Range possible since 80,000 LBS. is not easy to slow down without it being real obvious the more time you have the better. the next thing will be obvious to those of us who have used detectors for any amount of time. and that is good filtering, because without good filtering you get to many false alarms. and what happens then is just human nature, you start not paying attention and then you get that high speed driving award, or the filters are set to tight and you don’t get enough warning, either way not a good thing. I currently use an escort 9500ix with GPS filtering and it will take some convincing that there is something better on the market.

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    • Danny

      Radar Roy, thank you for the generous opportunity of testing Escort’s new radar detector!

      I only have a few reasons as to why I should be one of the reviewers.

      My first and most important reason is my passion for radar detectors, starting with the BELtronics Driver, then going to the amazing 9500ix.

      One more reason as to why I should help review is the fact that I am a writer! Writing is not only my college degree but is also one of my passions. I feel like my talent for writing a great product review would behoove the entire radar detector community.

      Combining my love for radar detectors and skill in writing I combine the best of both worlds.

      Lastly, my review will be very useful and applicable to all spheres of the community, as it will go through the paces in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, an area saturated with different signals/radar scenarios.

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    • Ashwin Purohit

      Hello Roy,

      As an engineer, I love testing and love real data. Opinions are nice, but facts and data are far better. That being said, I would love to test this new detector.

      I have been using radar detectors for many years now, and have also helped many others find and choose them. I read reviews (professional and on forums) all the time, trying to keep up with the latest technology. I simply enjoy keeping up with these things, so it’s not like it’s “work” for me!

      I currently am running a Bel RX65 detector, but still have my older Bel 845STi if we want to compare with something that far back. What’s more, towns in my area love to put up radar speed signs (fixed and mobile), so I have at least a few good places to test sensitivity in a relatively controlled manner. In addition, my 45 minute daily commute (each way) would afford me a good scenario to test live police as well as falsing rates over many days very quickly. Needless to say, this would all be recorded in detail, and I could take pictures and video as well.

      As an engineer with significant experience with electronics and mechanical things, I would be able to install and test the device side-by-side with my current detector, making for an excellent direct comparison and data collection “platform”. And if I run into any anomalies, I could troubleshoot them quickly and easily as well. I believe in scientifically sound direct comparisons, so you know the comparison test will be fair.

      Bottom line, I’m the man for the job. I am detail oriented, lots of history and experience with detectors and electronics (and laser countermeasures, not that that matters here), installation, ability to provide direct comparison with my current detector, and venues to test them. What more could you ask for? Send one my way and you won’t be disappointed!

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  2. Perry Lin

    I have been a long time reader of your site and always enjoy watching and reading your reviews. You have played no small role in what my wife calls my radar obsession. I have owned the escort redline, x50 silver, x50 black and currently run the SmartRadar as my daily radar. As you can tell from my list I have been up to date with the latest Escort has had to offer over the years. I can credit their numerous devices for many saves. So far I have only 1 speeding ticket on my record, I received the ticket when I was 16 and still naive to the world of radar detectors. Most importantly I will be able to give the radar a good workout. I live in Cincinnati and am constantly being bombarded by police radar and laser. I get everything from x-band to laser on my daily commute between downtown Cincinnati and the suburbs. I would love to review your new radar detector and provide some first hand experience in Escorts own backyard. I have no doubt this radar was developed with the “assistance” of the Cincinnati and Ohio State police. I am also very curious to see how this radar holds up against Escorts newest product, and my favorite, the SmartRadar. Finally, I hope that being the first commenter gets me some points as well. I watched your video as soon as it was up on Youtube.

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  3. Dillon Town

    I believe I would be a great candiate because I live and breath technology. I currently have a Valentine One and a Red Line running in my 2012 Jetta, for my fifty mile a day commute. I also have a quad set of Laser Interceptors that I installed myself a couple of months ago. I started to get interested in this industry about two years ago and have leaned and incredible amount of knowledge. I’m twenty years old and live in Des Moines, IA.

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  4. Daniel Brown

    I have been hooked finding police radar ever since a trucked friend gave me a Fuzzbuster detector back in 80’s. I purchased my first detector shortly after a uniden rd9xl and it has been an obsession ever since. I have owned a variety of detectors since. I really do not speed it is like a game to me to find the police radar before it can get me. I regularly encounter K, Ka on my daily trip to and from work and the city I live in has several of the low powered K band photo radar vans.

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  5. Jay

    In about two weeks I will be taking a cross country trip from New York City to California and back heading south to Florida and returning from the north through Canada. This will be the perfect test on how the new escort radar detector performs. I will be traveling through multiple different terrains from straight highways to curvy mountain roads and dense populated areas. This different terrains will give me a chance to test the radars new feature with such as he GPS which is suppose to lock out false warning in the city such as those that come from supermarket doors. I currently have a 8500 x50 radar detector and a Cobra XRS 9965 I can run next to the new Escort detector to compare the range, ramp upend false alerts. With the built in GPS and speed limit warning from the defender database built in I am sure this will be my go to weapon against law enforcement officers hiding during my trip. So if I am chosen as one of the winners I am positive I will be able to give this radar detector a perfect testing platform. I calculated that I would be traveling about 8000 miles across country and back so the new radar detector will surely be put through its paces.

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  6. Vortex

    Hey there Roy, thanks so much for the opportunity to test out the new detector, along with sharing what your experience is going to be. I bought my first 9500ix through you a while back. (Thanks for the 10% off coupon!) Since then I’ve picked up a V1, Redline, and STi-R Plus.

    I’ve also picked up a small arsenal of radar guns to do some testing, everything from a Kustom Golden Eagle (great 35.5 dash-mount unit), Stalker II (for quick trigger and portable 34.7 testing), Falcon HR (for low powered K band radar detection), and so on. I run multiple detectors to see the nuances of each detector to see where they all shine, and also do a lot of testing at home and with other enthusiasts. Same with jammer/veil testing and so on.

    I’d really love to check out this new detector and put it up against the segmented V1C and BS RDR Redline, two other top end dashmount radar units.

    How responsive is this thing to quick pops of radar? How long are its maximum detection ranges? How good is its false filtering system? Does it have an improved Truelock algorithm for still alerting to legit K band signals when you’re in a sea of locked out K band falses? How easy is it to program through the detector buttons or through the phove via Live? How does it handle falsing to Audis and Infinits with their blind spot sensors and laser cruise control systems?

    What is this detector’s niche, its strengths and its weaknesses, and what type of driver would be best suited for this detector?

    I’m really curious to put this detector through its paces and see how it performs in all aspects, and I’m really excited to see what Escort has up for us next!

    There’s some testing videos that I’ve only shared on forums, and there’s some that I’ve posted publicly. You can see some of the videos here: http://www.youtube.com/user/travelcam1111

    Let me know and have a great road trip! 🙂

    Thank you!

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    • i have been a big fan of yours for years and i would like one fo the new detectors cause i can not buy now, but ihave to drive to huntsville, al and the smokeys hide all through the hills and they use unmarked cars. it takes a good detector to avoid them. i do not like the bell or valentine types. if i had one of yours i could easyily write a 1500 word report..

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  7. crazyVOLVOrob

    This summer I will be doing a lot of traveling in New England. I’ll be doing some major trips on the NY Thruway. Traveling on the NY Thruway I have always relied on my Valentine One to warn me of countless Ka traps by the NYS Troopers with it never failing me. Before the V1, I was using a BELtronics Vector 995. I still use the Vector 995 on occasion as it is my back up detector and still works like a champ.

    Having the opportunity to test the newest Escort on my travels this summer could possibly break my marriage to the V1 or at least see what the newest technology has to offer.


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  8. Jason Anderson

    Radar Roy,

    It would be a pleasure to be a tester for Escorts new Radar Detector. My very first detector was a Cobra XRS 9430. Though, after a deployment and a lot more research later; I upgraded to the Escort 8500 X50. The X50 still to this day performs as good as the first day that I bought it. I was starting to get tired of moving the detector between 2 cars. So I purchased the Escort 9500ix. This was my favorite detector due to the range it had, silence false alarms and multiple settings that I could set to my liking. Unfortunately, it ended up getting stolen from my truck and I had to go back to the X50. Between the X50 and the 9500ix; my detectors have been through 21 states since 2006 and only includes 1 speeding ticket. (Hit with LIDAR) For the past 2 years my daily commute is 52 miles round trip. Each day has been with the X50. For my professional background; I’m a Low Observable Craftsman in the Air Force. I have 5.5 years with the B-2 program and currently with the F-35program with 2.5 years. I have an understanding on how radar works and what is needed to defeat radar. I would enjoy the opportunity to put this detector through its paces and write a review on the new detector.

    If you need credentials on my background, I would be more than happy to provide those.

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  9. Dan Schmitz

    I am your average joe who enjoys technology especially when it is new. I commute approx 60 miles a day and will also be traveling across the Midwest this summer. What a perfect opportunity to have an average joe test and give feedback on Escorts newest product.

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    • Scott Lupke

      Hi Roy,
      Thanks for the opportunity to qualify for this new generation radar detector. As you know I live in the Wickenburg area and the commute to Phoenix for work is around 70 miles each way. I have always been protected by one of the several detectors that I bought from you. Most recent the Escort Passport 8500. Unfortunately, my truck was just broken into during a smash and grab. The detector as well as all of my electronic equipment stays in my counsel to keep wandering eyes from becoming tempted. I guess it was just my unlucky day. Now the fight with the insurance company begins.
      I believe that I am in a perfect position to evaluate the newest Escort Radar Unit for you. I use one every day for commuting both highway and local driving. Approximately, 600 miles per week. I am also going on several road trips this summer starting late this month to Utah, California and onto North Dakota. I am very willing to provide honest and accurate feedback to you throughout the evaluation process. This is a win, win situation for both of us. I am in need of a new radar detector and you are in need of an evaluator.
      Thanks again for your consideration,
      Scott Lupke

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  10. Hi Radar Roy!

    I’ve been a loyal follower and reader for several years. As microwave engineer and an amateur radio operator (N3LGE), I have been active in microwave and related technology.

    We have seen the progression of technology, from the days of CB radio and simple X-band RADAR to such complex systems involving GPS, smart phones and VLSI products.

    I am up to the challenge as I have experience writing for several technology publications (http://henney.com/resume/).

    Looking forward to watching your video feed.

    Take care,

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  11. Kelvin

    Hello and thanks for the opportunity to participate in the Radar Detector review/test process! I have been a rapid user of radar detectors since I was 16, living in the Mountain areas of Colorado where the State Patrol was extra vigilant. In the past three decades I have owned over a dozen radar detectors; from the “fuzzbuster” to the more technologically saavy Cobra and Beltronics models. My interest in detection came about largely due to the speed limit change during the Carter Years and the Arab Oil Embargo.

    As far as writing, I have been working in the research and writing profession for the past 20+ years. I have ghostwritten novels, marketing plans, journal articles, dissertations, and essays and research papers on subjects as varied as Shakespearean Symbolism and Biblical Anthropology to Nursing Ethics, Criminology, and most everything in between. I am able to match my writing style to the intended audience, and particularly love projects focusing on automotive technology and innovative solutions to help drivers get the most out of their driving experience safely.

    Currently, I live in the Greater Seattle area, but often travel north into Canada. I regularly encounter all manner of speed-traps and radar control issues; from local jurisdictions to the Highway Patrol. I would love to use my historical and technological skills to help others by using and reviewing one of the newer Escort models. Thanks in advance, and hope to hear from you!

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  12. Jeff Smith

    Radar Roy.
    I had purchased one of the original escort radar detectors when they first came out in the 80’s. My father had a ’84 Corvette, in which he had detectors in the front and rear….lol. I currently have a an escort which I purchased at Wal-Mart for about $150, and to this day, I have only had (1) ticket and that was in West Virginia, and the signal didn’t pick up the laser. I’m relocating to Virginia with a new job that will take me from Richmond to Virginia beach all the time, and being that detectors are illegal there, I thought why not put it to the real test and see if Escort’s technology is fireproof, because I don’t trust my old one any longer. I look forward to using the new detector and reviewing for your followership. Jeff

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  13. Charlie

    Roy, I used your website to purchase my first and second radar detectors. I currently have a Beltronics 995 that is over 4 years old. It is time to up grade. I spend every week on the road working for the railroad. I drive in every state east of the Mississippi from Ohio to Florida (turn it off in VA). I have only received one speeding ticket in that time and it was my fault, not my detectors.

    As a retired military pilot, I will be able to give you a technically based assessment on it’s effectiveness with respect to false alerts and receiver distances. I flew the SH-60B helicopter for more than 20 years. I understand the Electo-magnetic Spectrum and radar propagation.

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  14. CMD

    RadarRoy, I make trips constantly from Northwest Arkansas to S. Padre Island, and have a 9500IX guiding me through rural, suburban, and the worst city traffic you could imagine through Dallas/Ft. Worth/Arlington/San Antonio, and Austin Texas, in the wee hours of the morning, and find my detector inundated with signals in those travels. There is no shortage of speed traps and red light cameras in the cities, and even rural areas have multiple traps setup all night long. I know my detector like the back of my hand, and it would be a pleasure to test this new detector against my gold standard, and document its performance parameters and operation beside it.



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  15. Jered Morgan

    I’ve been a radar detector fanatic since the day I bought my first one from radioshack in 2002, cat#22-1682 banned by the fcc for not being compliant. Since then I’ve owned/used Cobras, Escort SRX, Whistler XTR-695, V1 and Bel-STi-R and would be really interested in reviewing Escort’s new product to see how it lines up. With over 7,000 posts since 2006 on radardetector.net (using handle Lucky225), I’m one of the most active members of the radar detector community and in the top 16 contributors to the forum, in fact I’m the last one besides happya$$ to even be posting still with the next member trailing behind from march and the rest 2012 and before. So if I don’t get a chance to review this then I nominate happya$$, but I’d sure like a chance considering I just got my first speeding ticket in the last 6 years since I’ve been using the STi-R last week. Besides being a hobbyist, I’m an avid writer as well and have wrote over 10 articles that have appeared in print publication and would love to write a radar detector review! I’ll be sharing this on facebook (under Jered Morgan) under this account and on twitter via @lucky225 Thanks for consideration!

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  16. I would love to test a brand new radar dector .I own a8500 great dector I also a own the 8500×50 great dector I also had the solo 2 dector picked up radar and laser good I own a9500 I I love the idea that you can set speed traps so you are ready when you drive through a certain area and it has great range to pick up different radar types and I recently bought the redline I love this dector I am going to Florida in June and I will be using my redline unless I get lucky and win this new radar dector that I would love to test and try out.

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    I’ve been a loyal Cinn Microwave, Escort user since the first boxy Passport
    with the rotating on/vol knob and the huge analog meter, alert bulb, andmetal visor clip. I’ve had two Passports, to SX50’s which I still have one and now the great Escort 9500IX with GPS.
    I drive 40K miles a year in many different brands of rental cars which present interesting window mounting angles and require jerry rigged power takeoff cords.
    I’ve seen all the tricks, on the overpass, standing with the trunk open looking broken down with a radar or Lidar laser gun, behind the overpass, coming up the rear, on the downramp, helicopters with timers, shooing out the back of a stopped van, and the deadly plain jane motorcycle crusing in traffic calling ahead to a pulloff office and 5 chase cars on the roadside…
    I run it hard and use the Escort to keep me sharp and respect it’s capabilities and learn it’s quirks. POP and laser are still deadly and you need to pay attention if your by yourself on the open road at night when her has the advantage. I’d love to put the new Escort thru it’s paces expecially
    if it has new features like auto on/off with movement of the car, pivoting mount for angling the unit to my best view, selectable display LED colors, multiple warning styles, and of course maximum over the hill range and maybe a laser jammer optional module!!! See ya on the strip ! Lee

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  18. Aaron Lasley

    I am currently running an Escort Redline and Laaer Interceptor Dual. I have a 60 mile commute daily. I am constantly hit with Lidar (LTI TruSpeed) and KA via CHP on the 101 surrounding freeways. I value your reviews and end user reviews and feel I could have valuable input on reviewing the new product. I believe these products are made to make you more aware of your speed and your surroundings. Driver awareness if you will. Thanks for the opportunity to allow one of your followers to have another great piece of technology from Escort.

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  19. Keith B

    I have owned radar detectors for over 30 years. From the Fuzzbuster and Bird Dog to Escort, Beltronics and Valentine, I have owned them. Over that time I have learned a lot about their strengths and weaknesses, and one thing is clear, you get what you pay for in a detector. But price isn’t all of it. It has to come from a reputable company and be one that can be trusted. But even the best detector won’t help you if you don’t know how to use it properly, and that is why I believe I should be the one to test this new Escort detector.

    To know how to use the detector takes some knowledge and totally understanding how they work. I am a former reserve police officer, and also hold both commercial and amateur radio licenses. I also work in the field of telecommunications, and have supported laser optics and receivers and microwave systems for most of my 35 years in the industry. This means I have been on both sides of a radar gun and understand how they operate both from an RF and LIDAR standpoint as well as the theory and practical application. I understand RF propagation, signal reception and how placement, antenna design and receive sensitivity and rejection play into making a good radar detector great.

    Roy, let me be your tester and I will give you a review on that detector that is not only technical but practical so it will appeal to all of your readers. Running that detector through it’s paces will be a great opportunity and I sincerely hope you choose me!

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  20. alan

    For some people its crack, sex, or booze, for me my addiction is speed. I wrote the lyrics for Sammy Hagar’s I can’t drive 55. I can’t control myself I must go fast. Therefore I need protection, i.e. the best radar detector money can buy. I don’t want to go to jail for speeding again. Let me test it and I will definitely give you your monies worth. Alan

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  21. Santo

    Over the years, I have had several radar detectors that simply did not work as effectively as the manufacturers and even the reviewers claim. As a result, I had much trepidation on any manufacturer’s or third party independent review since their reports are based on a controlled environment of testing the radar or laser detection. This is fine to show the effectiveness of the unit but completely useless for the average consumer who will invest in a 2 inch by 4 inch box to alert them of nearby radars.
    Every test that I have seen including Radar Roy is performed in the daytime on clear days. More and more cities have dedicated traffic controllers patrolling day and night and also in the rain and snow. This is what we are using it for and a test needs to reflect real life testing. Therefore, if it is myself or anyone else testing this new system, I urge them to do it right and report on as many different environments as possible (ex. daytime, evening, rain, fog, driving towards the sunlight etc.)
    In addition, Radar Roy, I am not certain if you agree with this proposal, but perhaps the lucky winners may inform the rest if us in which city they are in so that perhaps we can inform him/her of any radars traps so that we can get more test results.
    Good luck to everyone participating and thank you Roy for everything you have done in educating all of us!

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  22. Leamon P. Belamy

    Hello Radar Roy,

    I would be honored to be a testor for Escort’s new Radar Detector. I have been using Escort Radar Detectors now for the last 3 years and I have not gotten a single ticket. My fist one was the 8500 x50 with smart cord – i must say that I was impressed with what it coulc do. But being the gadget man that i am i began to resd up on the other Escort products & began day dreaming quite abnormally about the new technology that was becoming available and I after much thought decided to buy the Escort Passport 9500 ix with smart cord WOW what a difference. This unit has paid for its self at least three times LOL the anti-falsing technology is quite funtional & awesome. As of lately i have been having night sweats over the new Escort Redline Radar because of the long range detection capabilities. I currently use the 8500 x5o in my pickup truck and when driving my sports car i use my 9500 ix becuase i tend to drive a lot faster at times when i get that rush to let the hammer drop some. I have owned 2 of the Bell 995, a Whistler, Cobra Super Trap and none of these delivered the results that I get from the 9500 ix. I would likely be as a kid with a new toy if I was given the chance to test anything that Escort has.

    Much thanks for the opportunity

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  23. Jim Lambert

    I have a lead foot and have the tickets to prove it. I bought a cheaper radar detector a while back and stopped using it after I got a speeding ticket. The detector was obviously a cheap piece of junk. I’ve been a fan of Rador Roy for a few years and enjoy reading the reviews. I’d dearly love to buy a top of the line Escort but the wife says we need the money for other more important things. Besides that, she says I don’t need to drive so fast. Women! HAHAHA So I can only grin and sigh and say yes dear while I continue to drive fast. My excuse to her is, I can’t really help it, my truck makes me do it. Anyway, if you need someone who has a lead foot and will give you an honest review of your escort, then I’m your guy.

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  24. Morey Fazzi

    I live and drive in a large city and as you might imagine traffic can be very heavy. With that in mind I need to get to my destination safely and efficiently and my radar detector helps me do just that. My time is important and like so many people I can’t afford to waste it, my detector informs me of speed traps and red light cameras. It warns me in plenty of time and as a result I can drive directly to my destination and go about my business. I also have and use Escort Live so I get the most up to the minute and accurate speed trap information. Having these tools to use helps to make me feel informed, safe and on top of things. Because of all of this I’m very excited and curious to see what new equipment and technology is forthcoming. Anything that will enhance my driving safety and is cutting edge, I want! There are other radar manufacturers out there but frankly Escort tops them all, I can’t even imagine switching brands.

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  25. I feel that I would be qualified to be one of your official testers of the new Passport Max because I’ve been a radar detector enthusiast since 1982 and I am as hard core as they come.

    My first radar detector was the Cobra Trap shooter and since have owned MANY RD’s such as: nine Valentine Ones, several Escort 8500’s and 8500 x50’s, a Bel GX65, an Escort 9500 ci, two Bel STiRs, two Bel STiR Pluses, a Redline, a handful of Whistlers and unfortunately even one of those Rocky Mountain units that never worked when I started out. Yes I was one of those Rocky Mountain Radar suckers that was suckered into believing my unit jammed radar.

    Roy, I was also one of your first members of your RadarDetector.net forum back in 2004, signing up the day you launched it and one of the principle founders of the “Guys of Lidar”, aka GOL.

    I feel that with my 21 years of experience as a radar detector enthusiast, one that has used over two dozen radar detectors, it puts me in the unique position of being able to test the Escort Max and to provide our radar detector community with a totally unbiased review.

    In the radar detector community I am highly respected. I go by the name Happya$$. I have spent many years establishing a solid reputation by being unbiased and calling things the way I see them, in other words “keeping it real”, as some call it. I have been searching for that perfect radar detector since 1982. Unfortunately I have yet to find it. The closest I have come to this impossible journey has been the Valentine One, but it even falls short to my stringent, high standards. Please allow me the opportunity and privilege to test out this Escort Max. With a name like that, my expectations are that it will be a game changer and perhaps the perfect radar detector I have been seeking to find since 1982.

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  26. Ismael Collazo

    Hello Roy! Simply put, your review of the Escort 9500 is why I own one today. I was recently ticketed before I purchased my Escort so I scoured the internet looking for the most accurate and thorough information possible. Pardon the pun but all roads lead to radar detector.org and your public service that you provide. I was amazed at how much information you gave and gave away freely. It takes a special type of soul to do things like that in a world where everyone is all too concerned about themselves. I can’t thank you enough for that. I don’t have fancy equipment to help me evaluate the detector so I’m probably not the best candidate. But I just wanted to say thanks anyway and if by some long shot that I am chosen, I will do my absolute best to evaluate the device with the same attention to detail and passion that you use. Long after the technology has become obsolete and faded away, all that will remain is why? Why did we do all of this evaluation and work? We did it for others, so that they may live well. That’s my reason and I believe that’s yours.
    Thank you.

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  27. I got me a beautiful new Midnight Blue Tesla Model S which has had more than one police officer stop me to check it out. I have an Escort 9500ix but it is just not doing the trick. I am about ready to figure out how to remote mount it and put its display in my mirror or break down and get the 9500ci. This would be the perfect time to try a new detector so I can really enjoy my Tesla!

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  28. I think it would be incredible to get to test the new radar technology! I’m certain to get better results than my Road Patrol XK! It seems for years I have been ‘testing’ radar detectors; as I have never found the perfect one! Texas Department of Public Safety were so familiar on a particular stretch of I-10 ( from south Houston to Beaumont; they nicknamed me ‘speedy gonzales’!) Years of directional arrows, beeping red dots have allowed me to gain knowledge for this very moment. I currently travel between 65-165 miles a day in a very quick manner and would appreciate the opportunity to be assisted with the best warning, technology would offer!

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  29. I am a huge fan of radar detectors when I have intelligently used them to avoid delay by said individuals who’s job is to make sure I am following the law of acceleration marked on a said particular pathway. I currently own a Escort 9500iX Passport that after a costly investment of it’s internal circuitry has saved me valuable dollars and time beyond its initial investment! Living in south Texas there is a huge presence of law enforcement to catch illegals and stop trafficking by the drug cartels. Give them an excuse to pull you over like excessively applying force to your accelerator beyond what is marked on the signage and they will pull you over. Though this review would be for a radar detector, I feel you must utilize the detector sitting on your neck as well. Don’t really need a new radar detector as the 9500iX has served me well… though am always interested in advancing technology! I have never done a review on a radar detector, though have experience with reviews on smartphones and accessories on a web page I help manage at http://www.attwp.com/. I am not a professional writer though have some experience with writing and being filmed which you can catch on our YouTube site at http://www.youtube.com/TheATTWolfPack I have read some good write-ups already and all deserve to do a review on this new Escort device and wish them well.

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  30. Den'e Helwig

    I have had many radar detectors over a the past 30 yrs. Some were good and some were bad. I live in Buffalo NY but me and my wife are from Ohio. So we travel back and forth to Toledo a lot. So passing through three states would
    definitely give me an opportunity to test this new detector. I spent 20yrs in the USAF and then was a electronics tech for 30 yrs. My last job was with Northrup Grumman as a ECM Threat radar jamming tech. I believe a person that owns a detector needs to have some knowledge on how it works, it’s operational capabilities, and it’s limitations. A chance to test a new detector would be a real honor … TY

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  31. Matthew Parisi

    Hi Roy,

    I feel like I would be great to test this new radar detector by Escort for a couple of reasons. The fist is that I love radar detectors. I love reading reviews and learning new things about them. I have read several articles on your website and have watched all of your videos as well. I don’t know what it is but when I am attached to something I researcher it like crazy. I also think this would be good to compare to my V1. After I did all of my research I found that the V1 was the best detector at the time. I would love to compare this to my V1 because I have always wondered how the Escort products would stack up to it (I would be very impressed if they could convince me). I also have a friend that has an older model Escort that I think would be fun to compare it against. This would be great to really see the improvements they have made. Also I have one other friend with another radar detector that I can not think of the name I would love to prove to him that Escort is a way better product than the radar detector he bought because he thinks he bought the best one available. (Jokes on him) Lastly I would love to write a review of the product. It would be great to let the people know how I think this radar detector stacks up to the many ones that I have available to test it against.(Mainly the V1, because if people are like me they are on the fence to which product is truly superior and I would give an unbiased opinion)

    Thanks, Matt

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  32. Mike Pitman

    Well Hello there Radar Roy. Been awhile since I’ve read your site for reviews. I’ve been a radar detector user ever since I started driving in 1988. I used Whistler which was the very first radar detector I ever purchased. It was fried one late night while driving to my girlfriend’s house. I was heading East bound and a Texas State Trooper was heading west bound and the radar lit up like a Christmas tree and I mean as that every light on it came on and it went off and never powered back up again. So then I purchased a Beltronics 945. Used it for a very long time till they came out with the 985. I’ve used it in the past very much till trading it on a Escort X50 Red. I used it for a quite very long time as well It is/was a great detector. My wife uses the 985 it in her vehicle to this very day. It’s still awesome piece of equipment. Then Escort came out with the 8500 which was another awesome detector to try and test. It all went well then I heard Escort came out with the 9500ix. I had to have it so I did some research on your site and you tube videos. Knowing I could use all it’s features since Houston was heading heavy into the camera cops. So I called Escort up one day and told them I wanted to trade in my 8500 (red) for the 9500ix. The representative explained to me the details, and the subscription,and trade in value for my older model. So I said sign me up. I’m all up for newer technology. I can honestly say this is one of the BEST radar detectors on the market. This little piece of high tech equipment has saved my tell hundreds of times. So then I wanted some even more security with radar detectors little time against lidar signals. So I then purchased the Blinder M47 Xtreme laser jammer. This other piece has complimented my radar/laser needs. With these two working great together as a united football team. I have 100% protection for my truck. I did some very strenuous research on the Blinder M47. I looked on your site, reviews from forums, other websites, youtube. So I’m always up for new high tech innovations in this field as I like to drive fast and safe, and under radar from the popo’s. I think I’d be one of the best candidates to test drive this new work of art and technology for you and Escort to personally give a honest opinion on the new radar detector for which you are giving away as a compliment. I’m always driving on freeways here in Houston, Texas. I drive 54 miles one way every day to commute to work and from work. So I see a lot of police officers on the side of the road using Stalker systems and Ghost cars, trucks, and suvs. So all I can say is can you please give me the honor to assist you in this new technology and let me embrace it with open arms. Have a blessed day and I hope you’re enjoying vacation. Thanks for the opportunity. I also tweeted it to my peers.

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  33. Glen Moyer

    I’ve been using radar detectors for most of my 44 years as a driver. I’m currently using the Escort S2, hard wired for better reliability.

    At age 60, I can bring the senior point of view to this test; it’s no secret some seniors are frightened of modern technology believing it complicated and difficult to use.

    I log a lot of road miles – each year I drive about 10,000 miles cross country throughout the Southwest, Southeast and Midwest. I see and drive a variety of roads, weather conditions and traffic.

    My home is just outside a metropolitan area so local law enforcement is both a metropolitan police department and a county sheriff’s department. To steal a line from Donnie and Marie, my driving is a little bit country and a little bit rock’n roll!

    A quality test should examine a unit’s operation under a variety of conditions, locales and circumstances, of which I am able to do.

    I am a professional journalist, like you Radar Roy with an interest in aviation. I’m a balloon pilot, sport aviation magazine editor, and a writer, reporter, podcaster for an onliine aviation news service. I also have all the required electronic gadgets from desktops, laptops, smartphone and tablet to HD camcorder to a GoPro camera, as well as the video and audio editing software.

    As a consumer I’m currently in the market to upgrade my Escort S2, so either way, I’ll be very interested in seeing and learning more about this newest detector.

    Thanks for the opportunity.

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  34. Mo

    Yeah to be honest, I don’t even want this detector. Mainly because I consider it the “chick” detector. Anyone who knows anything about detectors know about how the m3 head is superior to the m4 and the GPS functionality is a gimmick that takes away from true performance detectors. What you’re essentially giving away is false hope. If I got this unit, I’d probably explain how a cheap whistler is better than this detector which would piss off your escort sponsors and you wouldn’t receive free gifts anymore. Sooo yeah, anything short of a v1 sti-r redline etc is just useless. Best give it to someone else cause I’m a pessimist and look for the most minuscule flaws. Not sure that’s advice the sponsors want to hear :\

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    Feedback: 3 negative
  35. Al Sawada

    Hello everyone,my name is Al and I live in Canada.I am writing to you to tell you why I think I would be a good candidate for testing the new escort radar detector.First off when I purchase an electronics device such as a radar detector, I always do extensive research and look for comparisons to other brands,secondly in order to understand how to use the device properly is a must so again I research on how to better understand how radar detectors work rather than being totally dependent on it and just putting it on my dash and calling it good.There is a lot of sights telling about the different radar frequencies,radar techniques used by the police,and even positioning of where to install your radar detector.A very good article comes from Radar Roy which is free for download,cant beat that and is worth reading if you are a first time radar detector owner.I have owned 5 radar detectors and when I decided to upgrade to a better detector I read a lot about Escorts line of detectors as well as seen many first hand real time videos on you tube.I now own Escorts Redline and the 9500ix.All I can say is wow! These two are definately high end detectors and with all the photo radar and speed/redlight cameras,the 9500ix is incredible.The Escort Redline is in a class of its own as well,again super long range that no other detector I have owned even comes remotely close to the range of this unit.

    I do a lot of driving because I simply love to drive.Testing the new Escort radar detector would be a privelage to say the least and would blend in well with my the other escort detectors.If one takes good care of electronics there is no reason why they wont last for yrs to come.

    Thank you for considering me for testing the new detector.Radar Roy..I love your videos and your knowledge of the category (Radar Detectors) You are top choice when it comes to educating people on this subject.

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  36. Norvin Adams

    I think I would be a great candidate for this radar detector as I have had bad luck with radar detectors in the past. I use to own Cobras and Whistlers and Bels until I finally coughed up enough money to get a Valentine.

    I hated that damn thing! No different tones between different radar types, no voice alerts, all red lights for the indications making it hard to use at night. I did like how it mounted to the windshield though but not enough to keep it. I listed it on eBay and sold it for a couple of dollars less than I paid. Good riddance!

    I had a Bel but the sun ruined it. I think this was back when Bel was not owned by Escort if memory serves. I really liked that Bel radar detector.

    I have been interested in Escort for awhile now. I drive both my car and motorcycle thousands of miles each year. My current Whistler likes to alert to laser whenever certain vehicles engage their brakes. I am not sure why brake lights would set it off but it scares the crap out of me when it happens. Here I am speeding down the interstate like Marty McFly trying to reach my destination at a younger age than when I left. Instead, I get presented with a pop quiz on where the cop is with his laser gun.

    I need your help Radar Roy! You and Escort could make my day more sun-shiny and stuff. Butterflies flying around. Kids out in the play yard. Pretty rainbows. World peace. Etc.

    I would offer a completely honest review of this product. I enjoy writing and I am not ashamed to be on YouTube. I think it would be wonderful to have the opportunity to compare it to my current Whistler and what I have owned in the past.

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  37. Thomas N Toscano

    Recently, I took a trip from NYC to the DC area with a coworker. My 2007 Corvette is equipped with the Escort ZR4 Laser Shifter that is used along with the Veil coating on the lights and plate. It also has a Valentine 1 that has been upgraded at least 3 times since I bought it in 1992, the most recent being about 3 months ago. I also have the Passport 9500ix in another vehicle, with a subscription to Escort Live, and during my DC trip I was using the Live feature with the Valentine Radar detector. My coworker’s comment during the trip was “you have everything covered.”

    In 1992, I lost my license for getting 3 speeding tickets in 2 weeks. Since then I have been a radar detector and defense fanatic, since I like to drive fast, being trained at the Bondurant Racing School in Phoenix, Arizona. In the next 20 years I received only two speeding tickets, both of which were at times I was not driving with a detector.

    My experience coupled with my profession as an attorney would make me an ideal candidate to review your latest product and write a pithy, persuasive and succinct review. I look forward to hearing from you.

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  38. I am pretty new to Radar Detector’s world, but I am here to stay!

    When you driving BMW 750 last thing you need to do is to check your speed on a freeway. I have Escort Passport 9500ix Special Edition Red Display Radar Detector and I am loving it!!!.

    Recently I went from San Francisco to Los Angeles in my wife’s car. Her car has no Radar Detector and I was exhausted by the time I finally got to Los Angeles. Driving speed limit is not a fun… it is a job! Anticipating police everywhere instead of knowing where they are seems like a pretty hard assignment to me!
    Approaching LA, I called my wife on a cell phone and I said – “For 5 hours I felt like a blind man….”

    With my Radar Detector I can see a light at the end of the tunnel!!!

    I would never travel again without my Escort Passport 9500ix.
    But Radar Detectors are not perfect yet… They have long way to go.
    For example, when I get “Ka” signal I would like to know what direction the signal came from. Was it from the front or from the back? Was it from the Left or from the Right? It would save me 1-2 nervous minutes which it takes to spot the police car…

    I hope ESCORT had implemented this cool feature in the new model

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  39. Greg Aldea

    HI Roy,
    Thanks for the opportunity to be able to test and write a review for the New Escort Detector. I still use my Escort Passport 8500 daily as I am a regional manager for industrial supplies here in SE Michigan. Traveling over 30K miles a year for work I see K and Ka bands daily as well as laser detection along the many freeways and state roads here in Michigan. I have always had some sort of top end detector starting with Bell when they first came out until I read your reviews of Escort detectors. The 8500 has a keep me ticket free ever since I purchased it many years ago.

    With trips planned this summer to Amish Country in Lancaster PA as well as our weekend trips to Traverse City and Ludington MI it will give me the diverse ability to test the New Escort detector on the open road of the Ohio Turnpike as well as the hilly twisty roads of northern Michigan.

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  40. tommy

    Hey radar Roy I am the perfect candidate been using the Beltronics Sti it is a great detector I also use the veal anti stealth am getting ready to get the blinder in about a month I have had cobra, and whistler they are nothing like my Sti the escort radar detectors and the Beltronics are definitely the best on the market I have been to 35 different states I love to see how my detector is on the rode it has a very good range I have picked up cops from 3 miles away it is very accurate to has very few false reads thanks to its tsr feature I would love to see how the new escort matches up to my Sti I was born in rapid city it is beautiful country up there I have family in Sioux falls would love the opportunity to challenge the two detectors I can even record my trip and post it as I am trying the two out on my road trip thanks your fellow radar detector enthusiast

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  41. cameron hilton

    I believe as an electronics engineering tech that I would qualify to test one of the new detectors. I have been using a detector of some sort for many years and I have had Uniden, Cobra and Bel. I have always wanted to have an Escort because they are considered to be the top dog in radar detectors. I live in the mountains of North Carolina and travel a lot to see family and friends. The NC highway patrol has been getting sneaky on how they use their radar units. I would love the chance to try one and write a fair review on it.

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    Hey Roy, I am very interested anytime I hear about a potential new “best” radar detector out there. I have been using radar detectors every since I got my drivers license back in 1976, and I will not drive without one. I am not interested in any of the cheap units, I only want the best, regardless of the price. I consider it my duty to accept the challenge to understand law enforcement equipment and tactics, and to avoid ever getting a speeding ticket. I happen to own a wide variety of sports cars, muscle cars and high performance vehicles, and while I consider myself a good driver and try to be safe, I don’t feel a moral obligation to drive the speed limit. I read every article and test that I can get my hands on, and I always try to have the best radar detector that is available on the market at the time, to keep up with the improving equipment that law enforcement has available to them. I would have to say that I do consider myself a real world expert when it comes to radar detectors and not getting speeding tickets. Considering my driving style and the type of vehicles that I drive, people are always amazed at how few tickets I have ever actually gotten. I am proud to say that I am living proof that you can have a lot of fun driving without getting tickets for speeding. Good radar detectors work! I have obviously used a number of different models over the years and each seemed to be state of the art at the time. My two current favorite units are my Valentine One and my Escort Redline, but I am always looking for the next potential new “best” radar detector out there. Thanks for your efforts Roy. Keep up the good work. RANDY TORBORG 60HEMIRT@GMAIL.COM

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  43. Andres Sepulveda

    Radar Roy
    Since I came to the use I bought my first radar arpxo 10 years ago, I almost have changed radar every year, since every year start noticing the police is using a new kind of radar. We didn’t had this problem back home in Colombia, but since 2 years ago, cameras and radars have been installed in my home country. I sent some radars to my family and friends, because they didnt know this technology existed. So many of my friends and family members have been calling me to give them advice of which should be a good and the best detectors, so I was able to give my opinion from my previous experience with my radars, but I also gave them your as the best guide to shop for a radar. I would love to try the New Escort Radar and writing a review. So I think I would be a good candidate because I would still give my opinion about the New Escort radar, but your website would also become more popular internationally, and I could even try the radar on my trips back to Colombia and other countries where they are having now the red light cameras and police radars for speed limit. This is now A REALLY BIG ISSUE IN COLOMBIA, and at least your site would become really popular internationally, and everyone will be checking your site before buying a new radar. Im a gadget guy and I love to test the Radars as soon as I get them.

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  44. Pat

    I have enjoyed your site and email updates since signing up, Is the new detector invisible? does it require some sort of subscription ? what’s the effective range? Does it have to rely on other detectors in the area ? If you could provide more information then maybe I would want it and would consider taking the time to review it , the only thing I can say right now is that it looks like an overweight iPhone . Please provide more details.

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  45. Richard Armstrong

    Radar Roy – Radar Technology has always fascinated me. What I have seen from Cincinnati Microwave/Escort over the years is simply amazing. The number of patents always made it a cat and mouse game between Radar/Lidar manuf. and them. Wow first the amazing Superhetrodyne and STOP technology w/Escort in the 80’s then DSP Processing as we moved into the 90’s. They simply amaze me with every invention. About 6 mos. ago a friend persuaded me to put up a leading competitor up against my 9500ix – So I did. Let’s say the following Monday the competing unit went back for a refund. It was like taking a step back. GPS and the Escort LIVE technology are simply amazing!!! A quieter detector during known falses and yet the range at the top of the heap. I am so excited to see their new technology – I am not sure I can wait till June 10th. And to tell you the truth right now it would be hard to pry my Qty. 3 – 9500ix models from my hands!
    P.S. I love anyone that re-designs even the little pieces like suction cups to super cups – a lifesaver in the heat of TEXAS. Roll large Escort!!

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  46. Todd

    Dear Roy, I do a great deal of driving both highway and city. Like me I’m sure you remember the original “Fuzz Bustet” , a large black box with a yellow/red light on the front to alert of X band in those days. Ever since my Dad had that I’ve been greatly interested in the technology. Over the years I have owned radar detectors from Cobra, rocky mtn radar and others. In my new Subaru BRZ I currently use an Escort Redline with escort live. I also have the Laser Elite Jammer installed and have been working closely with Chris D to make sure it is working at peak performance. Having access to a 3D printer I have custom mounts made to hold the laser Diodes! I also have a few CT friends who are State Troopers that have both Laser and Radar in their squad cars to help me get an idea of how far away my technology ” helps” me remain ticket free. Always good to have friends in positions of authority. I would love the opportunity to test this new technology along with what I currently use to see just how effective this new detector works. I would be more than happy to write an extensive review along with video using a Go Pro camera mounted in my vehicle. Thank you for your consideration. Todd Z

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  47. sunjiiv

    I use to have rx65 got it thru ebay where the seller had refurbished by himself and said refurbished by the manufacture and still got a ticket as that radar detector did not catch the band cops were using but ever since I bought the better brand of escort I have been on the safe side as soon as there is a update I update my radar detector I slow down as as soon as the detector catches a signal I have seen so many car whiz by and getting ticket I must say thank you escort for bringing out latest technology for radar detector I think you are the best

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  48. Chris

    As a former radar certified police officer I could offer a unique perspective while testing this unit. I know the tricks I learned on the road to help beat out these units learning what works and what doesn’t . I drive 35 miles each way to work in an area Well known for issuing speeding tickets . I have used everything from the Rocky Mountain radar detector with the jammer ( that I see does t get great ratings but testing it myself with fellow officers at the time I found it is effective at long distances but losses this cloaking ability within around 150-250 yards of the device depending on the signal strength setting on the radar gun.) therefore I am well rounded in these areas and I believe I could give great feedback and help someone decide if this unit is right for them.

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    Feedback: 2 positive
  49. mikeb

    I would love to review this new detector. I have owned the 8500, 8500×50, 9500i, QI45, various whistler models, to my current v1. I drive to the various corners of this state and have seen a wide range of radar traps run by both dps and local authorities. To run a comparison in all 3 radar band and lidar guns being used in az espically with the revised laser ally. it would be an interesting review when compared to the lastest version of the v1. i beeb a fanatic for the last 11 years and would like to see what kind of range, sensitivity thisnew escort has.

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  50. Dave

    Roy, My first radar detector was an old Fuzzbuster my grandfather gave me, it was a large metal box with an on and off switch one led and a visor clip, granted I was 10 and not driving yet, that began my obsession.

    I have been an avid radar detector user since my first Cobra in 1989, being a new driver and always fascinated with radar detectors, a buddy of mine had an old Maxon that barely worked or at least it would beep and the led’s would go off but never saw a cop. Ever since that Cobra I progressed from an Bel 846i to a Bel 960 to a Bel 995 S7 which I still use to my current setup a concealed V1 3.872 (come on how people know the exact software specs of their detectors)

    I have been a member of your forum since 2007 and have over 3800 posts I am still an active member of your board and always looking to expand my detector knowledge. I use my detector everyday and have a route which I would be able to test the new Escort against my trusty V1. I actually consider radar detectors a hobby of mine and new technology is a passion.

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  51. Michael LeBlanc

    Pish posh.
    So many qualified candidates with so much experience with radar detectors.
    How am I to make myself stand out from the pack?
    What to do, what to do?

    Well, let’s see.
    I could start out my post by noting that I must first catch your eye.
    Was “pish posh” catchy enough?
    Ok, one more try and then I’ll cave to the greater good.

    There seem to be so many qualified candidates to do your testing.
    Perhaps they are too qualified?
    Okay, okay, now I have ticked off some of your posters/readers.
    Please accept my apologies.

    But it is true, familiarity does lead to oversight.
    When products are first developed and introduced, the engineers try their best to get it right.
    The testers hammer away at the 1st generation and it usually exits QA in pretty good shape.
    As time goes by though, things become a little all too familiar.
    The testing becomes a “turn the crank” situation and things are missed or overlooked.

    A fresh set of eyes without the influence of years using similar products provides a fresh start.
    That’s why it’s nice to bring in new engineers and new testers who have never used the product.
    They quite often bring new insights into how things can be viewed and improved.
    It is true that they might overlook the obvious but they provide keen insight and new perspectives.

    Now, back to the main question, why should I be chosen to be one of your testers?
    To tell you the truth, I do have a radar detector and use it in the city, country and highways.
    So, yes, I have been influenced a bit.
    I can say, however, that I have never tested a radar detector.
    I’ve read some reviews from Radar Roy so I could choose my radar detector.
    I write software for a living so I am familiar with unit testing.
    Did you catch that, “unit testing”, as in “radar unit”.
    Anyway, bad pun.
    I just wanted to demonstrate that I am not bad at creative writing.

    So, if you choose me, you get:
    1. A creative writer
    2. Someone with some influence but not a lot of influence (fresh eyes)
    3. Someone who is detail oriented and will deliver the report in a timely manner and on schedule

    Come on Roy, make a decision (Meatballs).

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  52. Joe

    I’ve owned many Bel/Escort products over the last 25 years. I drive to work every day from central NJ to Brooklyn NY. During the course of my trip I encounter NJSP, NYPD Hwy and local NY NJ police. I now have a Redline and pick up Ka,K, and in NJ even X band radar. Also occasionally laser. I’d like to run this detector on my daily trip and see how it performs vs my Redline as far as distance etc. I also run an RX-65 in my other vehicle.

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  53. HI Roy! I have owned radar detectors since 1979, my first being a Fox XK, and my latest being a KAT 600 SUPERWIDEBAND, WHICH I LOVE! The KAT has caught radar before the cops could be seen and alerted in plenty of time. I also had a Cobra, which I returned after it utterly failed me after less than a year (got a ticket-RADAR). But, it alerted well on security systems. I own two WHISTLERS which are sitting in a drawer. They worked very well, but, the KAT outperformed them so I will donate them to the Salvation Army store. I live in AZ, where 20 miles over the limit will get you a FELONY conviction and jail time if you get caught over the limit again within a year of the conviction. I travel on I 40 a lot and would like to test out the new Escort Radar detector and compare it to my KAT 600.

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    Feedback: 1 positive, 1 negative
  54. Sergio Rattner

    Hello Roy,

    I would be an ideal tester for the simple reason that I am not yet convinced of the effectiveness of radar detectors. I have a Lexus and a Lotus and would test the device thoroughly in both cars. I live in the 3rd most populated city in the US/Canada, and I drive about 30,000 miles per year (60% highway).

    I am an engineer and have an MBA from a top school. I run a tech company. I say this, to demonstrate that I can write well, and will be objective (and perhaps a bit humorous). I have actually written several business school publications.

    Finally, I love cars and I love technology, which will show in my review!

    Thanks for the opportunity,

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  55. Jason Packard

    I have been the proud user of a valentine one since 2003, and although I have gotten a few citations since then, the fact remains: I have never received a radar-enforced speeding ticket while I had the valentine in my car, functioning. (I have occasionally turned it off, and forgot to turn it back on, and on one occasion flat-out didn’t realize it was going off.)

    I would be pleased to test out a new escort and compare it against my existing valentine 1 which is now over 10 years old and been through 2 complete upgrades. If the escort proves superior to the valentine (with the exception of the directional arrows) I would certainly endorse it.

    One reason I feel I am a prime candidate is I also use a laser interceptor jammer and would be able to offer feedback on how the two separate units function in tandem.

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  56. Ray Lamborn

    I feel I am qualified to evaluate the latest Escort radar detector as my major degree is in Electronics Engineering. I understand the technology, operating conditions and limitations of mobile radar detectors and routinely write objective reviews of technology as part of my job. I live near Houston, which will test the high temperature limits, drive >15,000 miles/year on freeways, highways and streets with a wide variety of K, Ka, Laser, Red Light Cameras, and many alternate sources of false sources of radar. We have installed a Beltronics RX65 and an Escort Passport 9500xi (along with the Defender database) in each of our 2 cars >3 years ago and can run side-by-side comparisons between these leading detectors and this latest Escort release.

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  57. As top salesperson for Pro Caliber Motorsports in Longview, Washington I keep pretty busy. I have been an avid rider sine I bought my first motorcycle in 1984.
    I currently ride a 2013 Suzuki Hyabusa. After being pulled over and ticketed for doing 61 in a 55mph zone I immediately went home and looked for detailed reviews on laser jammers and radar detectors. I eventually found Radar Roy and his video of the Laser Interecpter led me to buy from him immediately. This then led to going just off Roy’s review of the Escort 9500ix leading to my next purchase from him.
    Thank you Roy for taking the time to get us viable information on the best products available. This combo has saved me countless times in the year I have had them.

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  58. Leon Bishop

    Hi roy this leon bishop from starkville, ms. live in louisville ms. as of now. i own a radar detector since 1990. the uniden rd9 im still looking for one of those. but as the years pass bi, i have use the whistler 680 still have dat one not gonna give dat up for nothing. after all the cobra. it still hot 2 day. then rocky mountain radar from raul. i been trying 2 get him 2 test his scramblers a least a mile. he told the cops can locked the speed at a 1/4 of a mile. that not good. but so far the redline bi escort is number 1. they have all the spectre out there. and it undectable. right now im using the sti driver in my big truck, the magnesium construction. it does pretty good. also using the rocky mountain radar C450 it does real well, but just like i said earlier,it need to scramble a least a mile. i have the valetine in my car it does good. it would b number one if he can get it just like the escort redline. but texas have their chip dat not good. but virginia somebody need their spectre. rmr have them all but dont scramble just a 1/4 of a mile. there need 2 b a radar detector that can detects all radar bands all laser bands vg2. radar guns and laser guns superwide at least a mile a before you gets up on them. if you send me a radar detector free let it be the passport escort redline. thanks for you by testing these detectors. thanks so much.

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  59. Ray

    My first three radar detectors were Radio Shack models back in the mid 70’s. After that, Whistler and Cobra detectors sat on my dash until 1983.

    I thought they worked great until I bought my first Escort in 1983. It was after several side by side comparisons running down the highway between Austin and Houston Texas that I was convinced that Escort was far superior to the Whistler I had.

    I now have a Red Line that has proven over and over to be completely undetectable and in most cases will detect a radar signal far enough out that you will start to beleive it has gone on the blink. Only experience and confidence in the Red Line detector knows that it’s a real signal and patience will prove out.

    If you are looking for a review on a new product, how could you possibly expect that someone without extensive past experience dealing with such type products could give a respectable opinion as to how it measures up to other products. A newby probably doesn’t know the difference between X and Ka band and a Walgreens door opening signal. I travel the entire state of Oklahoma, parts of Kansas, Georgia and Texas every month and fly to Tampa Florida for 4 day weekends twice each month and I am never without my Red Line detector. Never. I am on the road and in inner cities and have 39 years of experience with radar detectors and jammers. This type of use is what is required for an accurate survey. I started when X band was the only band and grew up thru the times when K, POP, Ka and laser was added. I bought new detectors as these bands were added to the police and highway patrols changed.

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  61. Dan Dombey

    I’ll be honest with you. I have substantially more knowledge about countermeasures than the average Joe. But I’m not one of these guys that has 100,000 posts on five different radar discussion forums and a hard drive full of detector schematics, and who stays awake at night debating whether he should turn RDR on or off.
    But I get a lot of speeding tickets in my cop magnet convertible blue Porsche. The other day I got pulled over for going 29 in a 35 because I “looked” like I was going too fast.
    I have an old 8500 that has been a standby for me. But I get so many falses and have passengers frequently, so I turned it off or mute it…which leads to more tickets.
    I need a VERY quiet detector with amazing performance, that can withstand the elements in Arizona.
    I have a long commute and I see cops all the time.
    I am very active in the Porsche community and will definitely share my experience with a group of…lets call them “interested” speed enthusiasts. 🙂
    Thanks Roy

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  62. Zorian Trusewych

    I have been using radar detectors since the 1970’s with the Microscan I got at Warshawsky’s in Chicago (J C Whitney to the rest of the country) Since that time, I have tried most of the top brands before settling in with Escorts, as you usually get what you pay for. I regularly travel through the rural countryside and large metropolitan areas, exposed to various terrains and electronic capabilities.

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  63. Scott Aldridge

    Mr. Roy,

    I religiously mount my radar each time I’m in the car. I drive 300+ miles per week across Los Angeles freeways lined with CHP’s. My boys travel with me on the weekend and when the radar starts detecting they look for where the CHP is hiding on either side of the freeway. When I leave the house each morning, the 1st street I turn on has a digital speed detector. Each morning I watch to see that each of my radars (depending on which car I drive) is detecting correctly from both the front and from the behind. I have a master’s degree in computer science and am therefore skilled in electronics. I would be happy to write a comparison between this new radar and my current passport radar (Escort Passport 8500 x50 Black) and this new radar. The route I take to work has curves, mountains, hills, and many hidden areas where the CHP like to hide. Detecting these places as far in advance takes a well design radar detector with high sensitivity. Please consider me as a well qualified tester.


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  64. Adrian D

    Hello Roy,
    I learned about radar detectors from your videos and I hope I can get to review one. I never owned any recent Escort model. I only been into this hobby for 5 years now and own a few different detectors. A couple of newer whistlers, cobras, and even some vintage detectors. My experiences left me wanting to know more. Then I bought my own radar gun. It has taught me much about how radar works. This is a great testing tool for me since the police isn’t always out when you want them.

    Lately the police has been buying up new equipment. Leading to more cruisers using radar. Bad news for the motorists. All kinds of new radar/lidar guns. The big thing now is the low powered radar guns. This demands sensitivity from detectors. This would be a great chance to test a new detector. My old detectors haven’t been able to keep pace with the new technology.

    If a review is what you need I will do my best to cover everything about it. I never leave home without my dashcam on when driving. Videos always tell a great story. I look forward to being able to share my experiences.

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  65. Dave L

    Hi, Roy.

    I bought my first radar detector in the late 70’s-believe it or not, it was in kit form from Radio Shsck. Unfortunately, it falsed so much I had to keep turning down the sensitivity to the point it had no range! From then on, I was determined to find a decent detector. My next was an X band Whistler the size of a coffee mug, which worked OK until K band came along. Eventually I ended up owning detectors by Uniden, Cobra, another Whistler…and Bel. My Bel was the best of them all until it finally bit the dust.

    Over the years I came to the conclusion that buying a cheap detector was useless since it would drive you crazy with falses til you ignored it. When I read all the reports about the 9500IX, I thought damn the cost, this is the one! I’ve not been disappointed with it.

    My daily drive takes me through several communities with mixed freeway/surface road driving. Each of these areas has a different idea of enforcement, including laser, Ka band, K band…and believe it or not, X band now and then (they figure you’ll think it’s just a false). Further, I routinely drive in differing weather and traffic conditions.

    My vocations have included avionics and instrument repair, also manufacturing and quality control. For all the reasons listed above, I believe I am a good candidate to test such a product.

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  66. Paul Keys

    I would be a good candidate for testing this radar detector as, to my knowledge, I live and drive in one of the most radar and traffic patrol intensive states and towns in America, Illinois, Chicago, and the Chicago South Suburbs. Chicago has the most red-light cameras of any American City and a multitude of coming speed cameras next year. The City of Chicago’s own Inspector General has documented in May, 2013, that city red light cameras are placed without regard to traffic safety studies.

    The Chicago South Suburbs has a multitude of small cities and small villages with less than a mile or two of main streets and roads, and relatively little crime to pursue. Speed limits are often set well below Federal standards, have speed changes on the same stretches of road with the different villages, and are an invitation for speed traps, motorcycle patrols, and other stealthy devices to keep officers busy collecting revenue.

    The Chicago Tribune has documented some suburban major roads with differing speed limits on different sides of the same road, and vigorous conflict among different jurisdictions and Cook Count for the collection of motorist revenue. I live eight miles from the Northwest Indiana border and often drive those expressways where the police often use unmared pickup trucks, two-door hardtops, hidden motorcycles, and other speed patrol devices.

    I’ve currently have three detectors, and have used Escort, BEL, Whistler and other detectors. This can therefore be a representative and very good test site.

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  67. Roger K


    I’m testing all RD material in Germany. I’ ve tested all and I believe that Germany is a strong testing field and a challenge for all RD, because the low performance of Ka, K- Band and the especially mobile Laser’s. Look at my tests on youtube (radarroger01) and see my results. I’m pretty much sure, that I could convience you, that I#m your tester 😉
    Best regards

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  68. Stephen Bramell

    Why should I be chosen? Being a “gadget geek” with over 18 years IT experience, I love living life on the bleeding edge of technology & radar detectors are no exception. My primary passions are both speed countermeasure devices & mobile technology such as smart phones. As we have seen with the introduction of Escort Live!, the lines between the two are merging into one, creating an exciting array of new devices such as the Passport Max.

    Currently I am using the innovative Passport iQ, which I absolutely love! I considered it my favorite of all time, until an ad revealed the Passport Max. After digging into the technology behind this ground breaking device, I have become overwhelmed with disbelief at just how advanced this piece of engineering art truly is.

    Finally, I would like to share that I also have vast product testing experience. I have tested every version of Microsoft Windows since 3.1 as well as Office since 95. I have tested streaming media devices, printers, scanners, smart phones, hardware & software VoIP, hardware & software firewalls, navigational devices as well as smart phone apps, the list goes on & on. I wish I could go into more details of what I have tested, but due to NDA commitments I am unable too.

    I know choosing two people from such as vast group of talented & knowledge individuals that make up your user community, is no easy task. I am truly thankful to just have the opportunity to be considered.


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    Feedback: 3 positive
  69. I have a escort 9500IX and during my trip from International falls, MN to Ohio and back, I was radared many times, especially on the Indiana and Ohio turnpikes. The Indiana turnpike used New Mustang Gt’s as unmarked cars. My escort 9500IX picked them up well ahead of time so I had no problems.I live in Canada across the border from International Falls, MN and since radar detectors are not allowed here, I do not use it in Canada since as I understand it, the escort 9500IX is not totally undetectable by the Ontario OPP, they have the latest Australian detection system. Last year I was traveling North of Madison, Wi when my 9500IX just screamed laser alert and I hit the brakes and it lit up solid, sure enough there was a state trooper sitting in the center median of the interstate. Thankfully I was able to shut down in time to avoid a ticket. The ticket for speeding in Ontario is for 50KPH(30mph over the mostly 55mph limit is $10,000 fine, plus loss of your vehicle, plus loss of your drivers license. I have a Suzuki Hayabusa, a Canam Spyder and a 1990 supercharged Mustang GT. I do not normally drive that much over the speed limit, especially in Canada but I do cruise a little over the speed limit as do most people in Canada. It would be nice to have a detector that was undetectable by the (OPP)Ontario Provincial Police. I would be happy to evaluate one of the new escort detectors. I do a lot of driving down in the US.


    Al Settle

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  70. Paul W

    Escort does a great job with their radar detectors. I own the Passport,X50 and 9500i and currently use V1 with custom remote. The Bay Area has the gamut of what may be called speed enforcement, or should it be appropriately named revenue generation for the state? I am curious as to how many signals the new unit from Escort will easily present the information to drivers. Will the threat information be precise and instantly update the driver, or will the driver be distracted trying to ascertain what information is being presented? For example will Escorts new radar unit quickly alert the driver that the usual speed sign actually has a hidden threat hiding 75’ past the radar sign or will that entail a closer examination of the information being presented? Will Escorts new radar unit pickup multiple threats clumped together, or with the threats spread just enough apart so they appear to be one signal? Will the filters on the new unit be able to alert a new threat at a location previously locked out as a false threat?
    Reviewers need to give a unbiased review, so is the temptation to win and review Escort latest offering creating bias?

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  71. Jim J

    Roy and fellow responsible drivers,

    I too would like the opportunity to review the new Passport Max. My basis for consideration is somewhat different than many of the other, obviously well qualified contenders, in that I have been researching detectors with the specific feature set to eliminate false alarms.

    After testing with numerous examples from several manufacturers, my own and borrowed, it has become obvious that false alarm prevention is absolutely critical for a detector to be of any use when operated by my better half. If selected I will provide funny anecdotes establishing the discovery, and expense, of this immutable fact.

    My comparison would draw upon my background in Computer Science Engineering, monthly bi-state commutes between military bases, and nearly dysfunctional attempt to educate and advise my otherwise intelligent and attentive wife on the proper use of driving aids.

    I could likely arrange a brief testing and comparison involving unnamed “friendly enforcement” pursuant to their level of consent. I would include the opinions of my father, who introduced me to detectors and operated a trucking company after getting out of the Army 1st SF, as an example of the newly retired age segment to increase the sampling.

    In short, I would perform an objective and technical evaluation, involving professional opinion and standards, juxtaposed with the ultimate goal of providing utility to my end-user wife. Follow up therapy transcripts not included.

    230 words and I meet deadlines,


    Jim from Missouri

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  72. I purchased my first good detector about 8 months ago. A V1, an excellent product I am still amazed at it after all this time. I travel 30-50,000 miles a year running a small business, moving at all hours, mostly in the south. I have found the Georgia State Patrol to be the sneakiest, revenue collectors of the south. I came within an inch of buying an Escort or Redline, from Roy, but when I went to Valentines website, I only saw one product, and that struck me, the website was no frills and the detector appeared goofy, but now I don’t leave home without it. I have always wondered if it was possible for there to be a better detector. If Escort has a a better detector , hell I will gladly buy it, you don’t have to give it to me.I am a speeder, can’t help it. I am an attentive speeder, monitoring every car and situation as best possible.I studied every forum for 3 to 4 months prior to my decision and it was a tough choice. But as I said,I believe I am more than capable of deciding if Escort has a better Detector. i will gladly pronounce it as the best, but I have to see it to believe it. Time is money in my world, and making good time is my business, plus not getting a ticket. So show me the detector and i will show you whose the champ, no spin, just facts. Guaranteed.Charles, 48 years old

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  73. Derrick Canada

    Hi Roy,

    It would be a pleasure and an honor to not only own an Escort radar detector, but to also test it as we’ll. I have owned radar detectors since they were first introduced back in the late 70’s. my first detector then was a Brinkman Hawkeye which, at that time, had virtually no selectivity and alerted anytime there a stray signal of any kind. Over te years, I have owned Whistler, Uniden, and Cobra radar detectors with a goal of finding one that was better than the one before. I would read articles and compare units prior to purchasing to see which performed the best before my decision to buy. Then came the real comparison test; putting both units sise-by-side to see which one performed the best. I currently own a Whistler and I would love to compare it to the new Escort.


    Lexington, Ky

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  74. Thomas E. Burlew

    I feel that I am a great Radar Detector Testor, living in Wisconsin and traveling a lot. I purchased my first X-band detector from the PX at Fort Belvoir, VA on the day I was honorably discharged from the Army February 1969. I can’t remember the brand. I used that up until I was transferred to Toronto, Canada in 1991and gave that detector to a friend. In the 4.5 years I spent in Canada, I watched the various Canadian Police go through a parking lot, looking for American licence plates and checking if they saw a Radar detector. They then put the radar gun up against the windshield and fried the detector. I returned to the US in 1995 and purchased an early model Whistler, followed by a Cobra and an early Escort Solo, I don’t think it even had a designation. I kept it in my flight bag and used it in my rental cars when I traveled. Then, about 1998, I started to pay attention to Radar Roy’s discussions and purchased my Beltronics Pro Rx65, which I still have today as backup. I then upgraded to my current Escort 9500ix which I use today in my 2000 Subaru Outback. I found that the Ka band is being used by the University Police at UW campus’ and Marquette University in Milwaukee as well as the Great Lakes Naval Station in northern Illinois. I always turn on Ka near those locations just in case. What I like best about my current Escort is the ability to switch between letters to ExpertMeter or SpecDisplay, only when traveling into an unfamiliar area to better understand what I am up against in order to be better prepared. I keep the database up to date every Tuesday even if I am not driving in those states at the moment. In my 40+ years driving I have only had two speeding tickets, and one of them was thrown out when I went to traffic court since the Judge knew that the officers were intentionally blocking the lower speed limit in order to get people. This was in California when I had one of the older/earlier detectors. Since I have had the Escort, I have from 1/2 to 1+ mile advanced warning (and laugh when cars cut around me when I first slow down – I politely wave at them when they are pulled over when we go past. I am posting this on Facebook and referencing it on Twitter @revteburlew. I hope I am selected as a tester since as a consummate technogeek, I love to test things and tell people about them.

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  75. Dietmar Unger

    Hi Roy,
    Let’s not kid ourselves, but I feel there is not much of a chance of getting one of these radar detectors. I used to work for the Turnpike an did a tremendous amount of driving on and off the Turnpike. I wore out several radar detectors and have a pretty good feeling concerning their quality and how to use them in the most efficient way.
    Thanks for thinking about me.

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  76. Dave Stuart


    Thank you for the invite and having a website dedicated to providing comparison information and performance studies on various radar detectors. I enjoy using your site for comparisons and a previous purchase of a Beltronics Vector 995. Due to the economy, I won’t be able to purchase one of the newer Escort detectors, but I would like to test out their newest unit and share my results. I am a traveling respiratory therapist and drive in both rural areas and city areas for my job. Currently in the Duluth, MN area on assignment, but I’m from Western Nebraska. By the way, you must pan for gold while you are in the Rapid City, SD area. I found over an ounce, while I was working at Rapid City General Medical Center several years ago. I have a few contacts in Rapid City, send me an e-mail for more info. Thanks for the invitation.

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  77. joe senn

    Well i have been fasinated with radar detectors since my dad had a uniden 6000rd in the 90’s. My first radar detector was a uniden lrd777. Since then i had a cobra, whister pro 78se, and finally a escort passport 9500ix. The escort has been my best radar detector i have owned. Love the gps features. I use the speedometer on it and love how it blocks out false alerts. I would be honored to test out one of the new escort radar detectors. I drive over 40 miles everyday between 2 jobs so i would be able to put it to a good test. Thanks for your time

    Joe senn
    Louisville ky

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  78. Mike Lesher

    I think I would be a great tester for the newest Escort detector because I have vast experience with detectors and jammers. I owned my first detector in 1976. It was a “Fuzzbuster”. The best I can count I have owned 11 different detectors since then and two “Jammers”. One from Rocky Mountain Radar for jamming laser which was useless and my current Laser Interceptor which is priceless. I drive professionally so violations are not tolerable on my driving record. I am not allowed to use any detector in my truck but I have one in both of my cars. I currently have a 9500IX in one car and a 7500 in the other less driven SUV which I would like to replace with the newest Escort. By living in Cincinnati I also would have no problem getting up to West Chester to do a interview or any promotional work Escort needs done. I have been to their place many times.

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  79. Bill Wilson

    I have had radar detectors for so many years,I can not remember the exact year but
    the first was an x k band Craig then followed by cobra whistler uniden beltronics which has been my favorite from the 654 sti to my current sti magnum with zr4 .I have never got a ticket using a radar detector but it is a tool to stay ticket free and every unit reacts different . they work better now than ever my ,Drive of 80 km on one of the longest straight highways out there test range to the max.the cities near me all have heavy photo enforcement Gps is a must. stealth is a must also as I sometimes travel where detector use it not smiled upon I would jump at a chance to test the latest technology. self protection and being aware is the key to not being the next ticket sucker or blind to the speeds you are driving play safe. Thanks Bill W

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  80. To Radar Roy,

    I REMEMBER THE Fuzz Buster. Never owned one but heard it was a hunk of junk. My father had the original Escort by Cincinnati Microwave. I think it cost like $245 back then. We would both use it since I drove his car. It was the best detector and maybe the only one at the time X and K band only. It was huge and had a visor mount, I am not sure if it had a window mount. If you didn’t put it on the visor correctly it would fall down with the visor. I remember some of the high end sound shops taking the detector apart and installing the front head in the ash tray and the electronics up front and rear so no one would see it. This was a very expensive option.
    Next was the small Passport which I purchased. This was great no cord just a 9 volt battery. You could mount it anywhere on the dash and it came with a suction cup mount and a visor mount. What was great about this unit is it let you know when it was time to change the battery by blinking. And if you forgot and left it on and it didn’t detect movement it would shut itself off to save the battery great technology. This unit was perfect for the person that traveled or if you moved from one car to another because it was so compact. It was like 3” wide and 4” in length. WOW
    The Valentine-1 which is what I am using now. What a great detector and a leader in detector excellence and technology. It has saved me more times than I can count on both hands and toes. I have a great mount off the rearview mirror. This can’t be seen unless you really look hard? I use the power from my mirror to run the detector. Roy I respect your reviews and I know your an expert on all detectors. And I am sure the new escort is better but size is a factor I like small and compact and the V-1 seems to be working well for me at the moment. Now if you have something that we can put it up against let’s do the comparison. It would be my pleasure to work with you and test the new unit. I hope we get a chance to work together. I will not only write a review I will try to video the unit in my car and put it up against my V-1.
    I look forward to speaking with you. Yes that was me that just passed you!!!


    Philip Klipper PM
    914-682-1818 Office

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  81. Josh Landerer

    Hi Roy,

    I will put in my two cents here. Because of your review on the Escort 9500ix I purchased one last year. It has treated me so well going from California through Nevada, through Utah, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho and through winding roads of National Parks. I have lost count of how many tickets I have avoided by the 9500ix. I would think it would be extremely hard to beat that detector. I would love to compare the two (9500ix and the new one) and see the outcome. Not only do I use it for road trips but I am an autoshop teacher and getting high school students feedback would also be valuable feedback.

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  82. Jon

    I appreciate the potential opportunity to test this new detector.
    Due to my employment circumstances, I believe a thorough and challenging examination of this new detector would be essentially a full-time occupation, as I travel weekly through TN, AL and GA, and, occasionally through VA, NC and SC, averaging over 1000 miles. My territory includes weekly travel through the Nashville, Chattanooga, Atlanta and Birmingham metro areas with extensive rural interstate highway travel and non-limited access federal and state highways/roads. I also would have the opportunity to test it on a vacation trip through AR, TX, LA and MS. The combination of these types of travel is challenging, with regards to the employment and techniques that are used by various traffic enforcement entities and provides a wide spectrum of real-world radar detector capabilities, whether radar, lidar or detector “detectability”.
    I currently own an Escort Redline, which I purposefully chose to purchase from Radar Roy’s based on the driving that I have described above. I seriously researched and considered the Escort Passport 9500ix and V1 also, before choosing the Redline.
    Prior to the Redline, I used various detectors, the best overall probably having been an old Bel Vector LR 970.
    Thanks again, for the opportunity.

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  83. Steve Takacs

    An opportunity to grant an opinion a product made by what I consider the Best radar detector company bar none! I accept that and will use all my skills learned over the past 30 plus years using the following and starting with what I believe was the black box fuzz buster, whistler, bell, fox to name a few of the competitors used way back.
    My first Escort based product was purchased around the time it was FINALY made legal to have one on Alberta soil back in the early to mid eighties was the Passport. A very robust and user friendly unit. To this day it still holds a warm spot in my heart and is my favorite bar none. Many years past and Laser and the Photo Wide Band X-K- Ka were fazed in and introduced locally by enforcement. Thus the Passport became extinct doing only the simple X band. I had contacted Escort sales and had then the new of the press Laser detector and a separate Radar detector doing the X- K- Ka and Wide Bands for the completion. It did work with the pigtail wiring but took up way to much space. Not more than a few months past and Escort did it again a unit that combined the technology of both Radar and Laser. A 8500, IQ and now 9500x rounds out the books. Wow the capacity to program along got my attention and love for the escort line. The addition to self learning and programming really cool on the IX. Now there’s more being added every day.
    I will take reviewing the newest product with great honor and have fun doing it. A head to head using the Gopro may be in order. Riding without an Escort unit is like leaving the house with no clothes on. Can be done but NOT happening!

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  84. As a manufacturers Representative covering five western states (including Hawaii, but the drive’s a killer) for the past 35 years, I spend a lot of time on the road. While many people think being a independent rep is taking customers to fancy lunches every day. The truth is vastly different. The truth is endless road trips either in your own car or worse, in a rental. Most states use Radar or Lidar extensively as a money maker. Just by the sheer time behind the wheel, I need every tool I can get. Often I have to get to five appointments in five different city a day; on time; while avoiding speed traps! I’ve used different brands, Cobra, Bel and Valentine with limited success. While one works OK in Washington state, I almost got nailed in Nevada. Day traffic is bad enough, the worst problem is night driving between cities. Most Cruisers park on an overpass and have you spotted before your detector even screams TICKET. Skill alone won’t keep you from a ticket anymore, you need the best detector possible. This is where I hope Radar Roy will help. I have just about run my luck to the limit, I really need your help and would love to provide weekly or monthly reports on how well it works.

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  85. CloaknDagr

    Radar helped win WWII and has evolved into uses from door openers to cooking. The same developmental curve applies to laser. Both have their positive aspects.

    Laser and radar applied as revenue generating technologies by government entities I consider negative aspects.

    Here’s why-

    With over a million professional miles under my seat-belt, I’m past being in such a hurry that I willfully risk time, blood or treasure. I’m a careful, attentive, experienced driver but nobody’s perfect.

    I rarely intentionally exceed the posted speed limit by enough to justify being stopped. In this venue some may think that peculiar …

    So why do I use a detector?

    Because I don’t like surprises.

    High on my list of unwelcome surprises is flashing lights in the rear-view mirror. Where I drive it’s very easy to miss a sign and run smack-dab into a speed trap. The better the detector the less that’s a problem. I think I’m allergic to problems.

    When the detector alerts I can check the speedometer and GPS to make any needed adjustment. Reducing speed isn’t often imperative but a “heads up” beats a ticket every day of the week.

    Where I drive enforcement relies heavily on mobile and stationary radar plus laser speed traps. There are wide variations in posted speed limits with abundant opportunities for tickets. Daily driving includes school zones, rural and suburban zones spanning 20 to 55 MPH, and freeways. Did I mention a lot of traffic enforcement?

    I don’t think I’m Al Unser, I’m just an ordinary guy trying to deal with extraordinary efforts to mine my wallet. I resent and resit that. As an American and a Veteran I feel I’ve earned the right to fight back within reason and the law. I haven’t had a ticket or an accident in nearly 20 years, leave me alone and go look for real bad guys.

    Any radar detector I’m operating will constantly get a thorough workout in a variable environment. I’m confident that I could give a new detector an impartial trial and relate the results effectively. With video if you prefer.

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  86. Cathy T

    Wow, I feel like a novice after reading the replies so far. Also, I also noticed that most, if not all, of the radar detector fanciers who replied are male. This makes me feel right at home since I have 4 big brothers and I am used to this male competition :)so here is some input from a female lead-foot (by the way, I used to race, legally, at the local quarter mile drag strip quite a few years ago). It doesn’t hurt to add that there are probably a lot of people who know nothing about radar detectors and would appreciate a simple, understandable, non-threatening review. By the way, I am also considerably gadget-challenged so this could be helpful to you for someone like me to test your new product as well by someone who is not an expert. I bought my first radar detector from Radar Roy, Escort 9500ix, for my daughter since we had been spending literally thousands of dollars on fines, court and attorney fees and other expenses for her numerous speeding tickets. I noticed that many of my friends used radar detectors and I began researching radar detectors a few years ago when I found Radar Roy’s site and read Radar Roy’s Buyer’s Guide. This was one of the best discoveries I ever made! Since I purchased the Escort in May, 2011, she has not received (nor has even been pulled over) another speeding ticket. In fact, I even purchased the same equipment for a very good friend who was using an old model; excellent results there also. My second daughter has started down the path of fast-driving and getting stopped; she is next in line for a radar detector and I am in the market for a new instrument. Needless to say, I would love to have the opportunity to test your new radar detector and provide a female viewpoint. Thanks for offering this chance to your customers and fans. Good luck to us all!!!

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  87. George

    I would love to be considered as a tester. I have been a field service rep and radar dectector user since about 1982. I travel on freeways in and outside the city, and city driving also. I like to think I understand the technical aspects of reading radar alerts, so I can understand where the radar might be reading me or not, for future radar references.

    My first detector was made by Fox, a detector with two clear antennas popped out the front. The big upgrade was to the BIG escort, unbelievable performance and range! The Escort brand was so reliable, I purchased the original Passport for my wifes car.

    These original detectors still work today!

    My final Escort purchase was the Passport 4500 SuperWide, another unbelievable Escort product, using this until the radar part of it quit working, yet the laser part continued to work fine.

    My last detector was, sadly enough, a Cobra radar/laser unit. Which worked Ok, except for false alarms. Thank God I have a strong heart and bladder!
    The Cobra lasted two years, the display quit and then the sound quit. I think the heat of being on the windshield took its toll. This was purchased due to the high cost of the Escort products and the need for a new radar/laser unit.

    To be honest, I would never buy another detector brand except Escort, albeit, they will be used units, and I am currently using the wifes original Passport today. And, no matter if I am picked or not I will always have a detector on the dash (except in Virginia)



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  88. Dear Mr.Roy,

    I just be familiar with Radar detector one year ago.

    I’m in Thailand where the fine is very cheap and people just recently know how important of Radar detector is.

    So, I buy many radar detectors and now I’m the Thailand’s dealer of whistler and looking for another better radar detector.

    I just upload a review in my website and also on youtube.


    I think this is the best way to proof my earnest intention to make a review for you both in the letter and video clip form including the comparison with the rest I have (if you prefer).

    Sorry for my English if it confuse you, I really appreciate you for giving me a change to write this comment even I am not the winner. (^.^)

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  89. Matt Nero

    My radar detector, an escort 8500×50, is a lifesaver. Although it is old, it still has saved me many, many times. I am always researching new things about radar detectors and finding out if any new technology is being developed. I have a lead foot and am a great candidate for the testing of the new radar detector. I am a pretty good writer and would love the opportunity to review a brand new product and write about it.

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  90. Emanuel rafai

    Hello my radar Roy.
    My name is emanuel rafai
    I own a 2007 Subaru sti. 650 whp
    I live in portland Oregon I work in Eugene Oregon and since I’m drive true
    Salem I always Encounter cops everyday I own the 9500ix I used to own
    The v1 the 9550ci in my old car. I drive Through hills and curvy roads
    drive over 170 each way to work I see over
    4 cops each way to work lasering radaring I’ve owned radar detectors for over 8 years now
    I’m making a YouTube video as I type this.


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    Feedback: 1 positive, 1 negative
  91. Shawn Khosla

    I believe I am a prime candidate for this test because of my locations, history, and ability.

    I live in Kansas City, Missouri, and on a daily basis I am in at least 4 counties and two states, which use K band, Ka band and laser. I also know where most speed traps are laid. Further still, a friend owns a K band radar gun which I could use to get very accurate distances of which the radar detector reads.

    Every month, I travel to other states that allow me to test both its highway usefulness, as well as its sensitivity to different bands. For example, in my area, the Ka band most often used is 34.7GHz However, traveling I would encounter 33.8GHz and 35.5GHz as well.

    I have owned a Whistler Pro78SE, and had a Beltronics GX65 until a few months ago when it broke. I have had to forgo one of my scholarships, so I cannot currently afford a new one, so winning this would also help me. I have a friend who drives with an Escort 9500ix, and yet another friend who has a Valentine one.

    I am a student, and would like to dually use this as a communications project. This means my reviews will rigorously looked over by at least two people with a PhD in English. I have also been published several times before (sources available on request).

    I will go above and beyond to write this review, if given the opportunity. Thank you.

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    Feedback: 12 positive
  92. Ken Roper

    Overall, I have the highest regard for law enforcement officers and the job they do. I cant help but notice however, that their presence on the highways takes a dramatic increase at certain times during the month.

    I drive 30,000+/- miles a year on the job in Indiana and Illinois. Driving through Chicago alone is a test of ones nerve and knowledge of tactics to wind you up in a money making scheme for corrupt government. There is little doubt in my mind that traffic enforcement is more closely related to producing revenue than public safety. I find some of the tactics involved in traffic very unnerving and even unsafe itself.

    I believe in following the rules of the road and have driven in Europe in the military where the “rules” are much looser, but works well when everybody follows them. I believe public safety would be better served by enforcing regulation for people that read books, talk on the phone and text while driving.

    My decision to drive with a radar detector is simply to level the playing field slightly against a system stacked against me. I currently use a Passport X50, and a Belltronics prior to that. I never make a purchase without consulting Radar Roy’s advice, and I believe my situation would be a fantastic test of any products ability to provide early warning and filter false hits.

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    Feedback: 4 positive, 1 negative
  93. William Allen

    I would be a great candidate for the test. I have used radar detectors of varying brands since I purchased my first one in 1990. I feel naked driving without one, even if I am under the posted limits. You never know when you are being watched, and the watcher waiting for you to make a mistake.

    My commute is about 30 minutes each way daily which involves state and local roadways plus a major 4 lane divided US highway with routine patrols by both State Troopers and Highway Patrol. Some units are sneaky, waiting with instant on, others run “fat and loud”…blasting out Ka band for everyone who is listening to hear.

    Should this detector have any GPS marking features to combat false alarms, my commute also includes many locations that I have locked out on my current detector, a 9500i.

    I can also add, that my job takes me on frequent trips through other parts of the state, and varying times of the day and night. I would really but the detector through the paces with my 500+ miles a week time under the wheel.

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  94. RL Passey

    Having held a Commercial Radio License with a Radar Endorsement, I understand how radar “Guns” work. With this knowledge, I have used various guns to see how they work in the “Real World”, just after they had been repaired by my States Radar Technicians. I have had the chance to compare one “Gun” against another. Each has their good points and bad points. For example, I had a “K” band gun that I could point down at the heater fan in my vehicle and it would lock onto it’s speed, and show that on the display. By knowing that, I disputed one Police Officer’s gun display that showed a speed he said I was going. The “speed” was truly way out of line. I told him I had the knowledge of what he had done, and that was the end of the incident. I also have many friends that are police officers, and have helped me put various radar detectors through what I call the “Mine Field For Radar Detectors”. This always shows which detector is the best. When I get the new detector, this is what I will do with it. No guessing games, just the real world facts!

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    Feedback: 1 positive
  95. Chris Saddler

    I guess the first thing to discuss would be my history with radar detectors, going back to the original fuzz busters of the late 80s. I have since been in the military and have travelled all over the United States including Maryland, Pennsylvania, Illinois, California, Texas, and now reside New Mexico. Ever. Since the new fuzz buster came out I have always checked the latest car magazines for reviews to find out which is the best. I have used in the past 30 years fuzz buster, cobra, whistler, uniden lrd series, beltronics v series, and escort 8500 and 8500 x50. I have conducted plenty of real world test of my own and compared them to the magazines, and generally the magazines and radar Roy are right on! I currently have three models and waiting to upgrade. This could be my chance to be one of the first to review the newest and greatest! I’m looking forward to the challenge and testing the new unit throughout the southwest!

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  96. Rob

    Thanks for the opportunity of being able to test one of the newest radar detectors. I am a retired pilot and have extensive experience with radar detectors of all types. I have used detectors in my auto’s for over thirty years, some a lot better than others. Most paid for themslves within the first few months so cost is not a big factor as I travel over thirty thousand miles in the US each year. My work often takes me to many different countries and I always use a detector in the rentals I use as some countries have very unfriendly cops to say the least. Many times I have slowed down because my present escort has given me a warning miles ahead of others who have passed me and then been nailed. So having the chance to test the newest escort detector just for writing a report on my experience with it would be a big bonus from my point of view.

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  97. Hey RR! I’m going to do a youtube video on how it compares to a redline, 9500ix and how to mount it to a hayabusa Motorcycle. The videos I post are of someone driving 200+khm. The solid understanding of how Escorts radar/laser detection systems work and belief in the product would time and time again give people the information they would need to make a well informed decision when purchasing a Radar/Laser detector.

    If a picture is a thousand words then here’s a video that shows escorts redline and 9500ix in use. (the detectors aren’t in view but the sound is)


    Looking forward to reviewing the new product.

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  98. Stephen Bramell

    Only 8 more days to go! This is going to be the longest 8 days too!

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  99. Hi my name is Carl and I am 28. I grew up with my dad always having a radar detector and now both my sister and I also use them. I currently have an Escort, Bel and Valentine that I can compare it against. I work for a large company in the education department. I produce educational videos for new employees along with training them during orientation.
    At the age of 14 I took my summer wages from working on the family farm and started a dj video business, which lead to a radio dj job. I later expanded my business into doing websites and promotional advertising. I have scaled back to just doing multiple dj events on weekends and occasional video work. I still own half interest in and help maintain a local news website NCWTV.com.
    When I am in the market or advising others on the purchase of a radar detector I believe in a good one if not the best. I go to the best website for reviews RadarRoys website. I feel an excop and Radar expert is better at reviewing radar detector than anyone else.
    I hope you see that I would be the best at reviewing and educating others on the escort radar detector, from my background of owning & working with electronic devices and the ability in being able to communicate with others. I feel I would be the best at reaching out to others in the electronic age we are in.

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  100. gunner

    Hello Radar Roy,
    I have read a few of these comments. I must say that for the most part I have never seen a larger group of brown-nosers in my entire life! What a bunch of pansey asses. One post near the top actually purchased his own set of radar guns, puh-lease.
    I have one radar detector and yes it is an ESCORT 8500. I have had it for, hell forever; I want to say more than 15 years. I have Never had a problem with it. The only ticket I have ever received was when I was NOT using it. I have not had a ticket in over 10 years.
    I keep thinking I should get another one but this just keeps on doing its thing. I do want to get one for my Suzuki Hayabusa, the world’s fastest production motorcycle. The bike is a magnet and I routinely look at the speedo and see 80 or better.
    Roy, help me STAY ticket free cause you know ESCORTS JUST PLAIN WORK. I need one. I will pen for you the most masterfully crafted write-up imaginable. Do yourself a favor, skip the brown-nosers and choose someone who can truly connect to the vast majority of your readership; namely me. I won’t disappoint you.
    Take good care and thank the folks at ESCORT for keeping me ticket free for over a decade.
    Sincerely yours, Gunner.

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  101. Been a Escort Passport user since purchasing my first Corvette in 1979 and have never been without a Vette or a Passport since. Currently own a 9500ix and here’s why I would be a great tester.

    As they say, picture worth a thousand words, Unfortunately, this comment block will not let me paste photos of:

    Velocity Yellow 2008 Zo6 Vette. 2003 Anniversary Red Vette, 2003 Anniversary Pearl Blue Stage III Heritage Classic Harley Davidson and 2002 Black E-430 Sport Mercedes.

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  102. Mark Schwanke

    Can wait to see whats next.. My last detector was stolen out of my vehicle so I am in the market to replace it..

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  103. David Cloud

    I have been driving for over 25 years (since I was 16), and have driven a variety of cars from muscle cars, truck, to mini vans; and have been using radar (and laser detectors) ever since my first speeding ticket when I was 16. I have owned a variety of radar detectors including Cobra, Escort, Bel-tronics, and Whistler and am constantly trying to keep ahead of the curve when it comes to avoiding tickets. I live in Maryland where all bands of radar and laser are used by law enforcement to catch the unwitting speeder in a speed trap. In addition to the law officers using portable radar and laser guns, many jurisdictions have instituted the use of fixed speed cameras in high traffic areas (known to have regular accidents), as well as having mobile speed traps in construction zones.

    Most of the new radar detector manufactures boast their units are the best and can detect all forms of radar and laser (including digital signal processing or POP radar). Many times I have gone through speed traps and the radar detectors have not indicated a signal, but thankfully I was able to adjust my speed to avoid a ticket while other vehicles around me were not so lucky. In addition to driving in the Washington DC area, my current job has me traveling across the entire United States and puts me in unfamiliar territory and I don’t know exactly where the speed traps are. I feel my traveling career will be a good test of the new Escort Max.

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  104. David Cordero

    I just purchase a new M5 2013, which I’m looking forward to test the performance but at the same time I’m afraid that it would get me in trouble. I currently own a Valetine Radar but not to happy with the results and precision. I have found myself few times being stop because the band type used not supported and range gap. As I mention this is an opportunity for me to do side by side comparison and provide you a white paper. I really want to experience your device making sure that it really it performance as you articulate in our your adds. I have many friends that owns Ferrari, Porsche and High performance BMW that will be interested in my results.

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  105. There are three good reasons for me to test your product.

    1. I’m a writer. The novel, “A Son’s Blood” is for sale now on Amazon. Two more are completed and will join it soon. In college I majored in journalism and often write for the local newspapers.
    2. I drive a BMW Z3 on the high-speed southern Arizona highways.
    3. I’ve used Escort products in the past and been pleased with them.

    What’s not to like?

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  106. Morning Roy,
    I’ve interviewed you several times for AOL Autos and some other sites I’ve contributed to. I’m a well-published, respected free-lance automotive journo with extant connections that can deliver ink and pixels in traditional and new media. I also know my detectors. I grew up with an original Fuzz Buster and Super Snooper, and have owned detectors for decades and have become skilled in understanding their utility. This skill comes from having evaluated hundreds of automobiles and trucks for more thirty publications, including The New York Times. I’d be honored to review the newest Escort for you with impartiality, candor and accuracy.

    Best, Rex

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  107. CaptJoe

    Radar Roy I have a critter problem here in the great state of Texas. Dallas in particular. I do not want to harm these critters, but I do want to neutralize their harmful toxins. They come in a variety of forms and have mastered the art of using their machines to do uncanny harm to my riving record and bank account. Let me be more specific.
    The first of these critters are called the Dallas Police Dept. They are mostly seen in marked blue cars and seem to have a knack for KA band radar. Most of the times they are harmless but can strike with deadly results.
    Then there are the more deadly Dallas Sheriffs Officers. The also come in blue and sometimes black cars. These guy are much more devious in that they hang out on over bridges and passes,sneak up on their victims and strike with deadly accuracy. They also use venom called laser. It’s deadly when my vehicle senses it as the poison has already taken affect and its too late.
    Lastly but certainly not without mention are a variety of critters that make a profession out of writing tickets as they have little to do to feast on but us drivers. They are know as (gasp) Texas Dept of Public Safety…aka..The highway patrol. These critters are the most dangerous of all just because the their territory is vast and they infest the whole state.

    Radar Roy, I need exterminating products to help me deal with this infestation. Please help!

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    Feedback: 1 positive
  108. CaptJoe

    (Posted again without the grammatical errors)
    Radar Roy I have a critter problem here in the great state of Texas. Dallas in particular. I do not want to harm these critters, but I do want to neutralize their harmful toxins. They come in a variety of forms and have mastered the art of using their machines to do uncanny harm to my driving record and bank account. Let me be more specific.
    The first of these critters are called the Dallas Police Dept. They are mostly seen in marked blue cars and seem to have a knack for KA band radar. Most of the times they are harmless but can strike with deadly results.
    Then there are the more deadly Dallas Sheriffs Officers. The also come in blue and sometimes black cars. These guy are much more devious in that they hang out over bridges and passes,sneak up on their victims and strike with deadly accuracy. They also use venom called laser. It’s deadly when my vehicle senses it as the poison has already taken affect and its too late.
    Lastly but certainly not without mention are a variety of critters that make a profession out of writing tickets as they have little to feast on but us drivers. They are know as (gasp) Texas Dept of Public Safety…aka..The highway patrol. These critters are the most dangerous of all just because their territory is vast and they infest the whole state.

    Radar Roy, I need exterminating products to help me deal with this infestation. Please help!

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    Feedback: 2 positive
  109. Ron Kraemer

    Morning Roy, Just watched the video concerning the upcoming latest and greatest from Escort. I have had detectors for close to twenty five years and am currently using the 90IQ which, unrelated to radar warnings, saved me close to $3000.00 in not taking the navigation package in my new vehicle. I have had the IQ for close to two years now and it has proven to be a superior product in all respects. Any radar/laser detector will be given a constant workout in my area as the local police have nothing better then take top honors for issuing the most tickets in Alberta. As a business owner and on the road constantly, and as usual, always late for appointments, you can be assured of a complete test of Escorts new product. Up here in St. Albert, Albert, to prevent you from enjoying your drive, you will find an abundance of multiple stationary speed and red light photo locations as well as mobile units to keep you alert. Slow down….thats not a really a mail box but the latest portable cash generator. What’s that…not more then three blocks further down the street, we have an “officer” pretending to be a tree just waiting with the laser gun. This guy always lost at hide n seek I think. Escorts latest product will be challenged by just about anything that can be used to issue a ticket up here. Hope its up for it.

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  110. Steven Costa

    Speed is a small part of my problems I’ve always have radar detectors but the towns I live in & around are border line harassing us hard working Americans.
    I can’t drive anywhere with them using radar. I could be coming down my hill out of my subdivision speed limit 35 and there is a cop out of his car with a radar gun giving people on there way to work or school going 42 down hill. You would think he’s standing on the hway getting speeders doing 100mph! Then the sit in peoples driveways on other 35 mph roads at 5:30pm getting more people! But the kicker is they are always at the bottom of hills where you just always go faster down hill. They are never out on flat ground to get real speeders they are targeting everyone going down hill. If you were to give me one of these detectors I will give my beltronics one to some poor hard working citizen in my town to help them beat these harassing folks.

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  111. curt perry

    I can’t begin to compose any email message that would impress you enough with the number of radar detectors I’ve owned over the years or the fast cars I’ve owned as well. However I have determined that I may have an edge over other contest entrants by virtue of the fact that I’m retired. That means I have the time to make a daily effort meet your requirements. Seriously; it would be a dream come true to have one of these units and be allowed to write a report on my experience with it. Thanks for your time and interest. Drive smart.

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  112. Lew

    After moving to California’s wide open wine country my wife and I began to accumulate speeding tickets. After considerable research, especially on your site, we chose an Escort for her. Because I spend a lot time on military installations, we chose a BEL STi for me to take advantage of the stealth factor. Lots of alerts (thankfully) but only one speeding ticket since, and that because the volume had inadvertently been turned down. We have since upgraded her Passport and obtained your iPhone-linked detector for our daughter. I am a scientist by education and a soldier and defense executive by experience. Now retired I spend a lot of time on California’s freeways. We have a small vineyard and farm I travel to several times a week. Our home is in Central California from which I travel a lot for volunteer K-9 Search and Rescue work. My wife’s exposure is more in town, but with trips regularly up and down our highways between Monterey and Los Angeles with her therapy dog. We may be retired, but we’re always in a hurry. We’ll give your detector a thorough evaluation.

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  113. Hi Roy! I would love to have the opportunity to review this new radar detector!!! Being a scientist, and someone addicted to technology, I think I could provide a valuable & unique perspective to the review. Plus, it would provide me an opportunity to use my Canon 5D Mark III to record some videos!! 🙂 Presently I own an Escort 8500 and just bought a SmartRadar I use on my motorcycle w/ an iPhone & a Bluetooth helmet. So, if you pick me, I’ll just have to plan a nice trip somewhere to test it out!!

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  114. I should always read the rules, first! 😛 So, with that in mind, here’s the version between 200 & 250 words:

    “Hi Roy! I would totally love to have the opportunity to review this new radar detector!!! Being a scientist, a Poor helpless Dummy (Ph.D.) no less, and someone addicted to technology, I think I could provide a valuable and unique perspective to the review. Plus, it would provide me an opportunity to use my Canon 5D Mark III to record some videos, and to use Photoshop CS6 Extended to edit them!! 🙂 Presently I own an Escort 8500 that I use primarily for my car, and just bought a SmartRadar I use on my motorcycle with an iPhone and a Schuberth C3 Pro Bluetooth helmet. In the past, I’ve also owned Bel & Cobra radar detectors, as well as used a CB radio, if you remember those, LOL. In fact, it’s one of the reasons I really like the SmartRadar, as it combines the best of having a radar detector with the community benefits of using a CB radio, without having to learn to speak “A big ten four back at ya, Good Buddy!” Hahaha!!! So, if you pick me, I’ll just have to hunt down some of the local speed traps here in San Diego, CA and plan a nice trip somewhere to test the new unit out!!”

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  115. Dave

    I currently own a Passport detector and live in central Alberta in Canada; I am excited to hear of this new detector, I would believe my residence would be a great place to utilize this new unit. The radar tricks and stealth of the of the officials in this area central Alberta are increasing at a phenomenal rate, besides the regular laser and speed traps, we also deal with photo radar which at times are detectable also by sight, however now they have remote camera stations. They appear to be small electrical or telephone connection box you would see anywhere in the country, but are actually remote photo radar cameras. Small stand-alone units which are strategically placed and monitored by a vehicle parked nearby. And now a new twist has been added, they are parking their photo radar vehicles on the overpass and using photo radar and telephoto lenses on their cameras to detect speeders. I believe your timing of this new device is impeccable and a new tool that is required for every motorist everywhere.

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  116. Brian Peterson

    Well, I have been using radar detectors over 20 years. I drive a lot so it is a necessity for me. With radar detectors, there is no reason to go with I learned that lesson early so I have only owned the best one could get for the last 15 years.

    Radar speed measurement is a covert way for LEO to conduct surveillance on otherwise unsuspecting citizens. What I most appreciate about radar detectors is alerting the driver to these covert police activities. It is always prudent to know when one is being observed without ones knowledge or any notice given. It is also a notice of police activities primarily aimed at revenue generation rather than crime prevention. to be forewarned of these activities is to be forearmed.

    I currently own a 9500ix and the heads up speed display is vital to keep me informed of the precise sped at which I am travelling. It’s capability to identify speed traps, speed cameras, and filter out submitted stationary signals and limit monitoring to actual active bands is worthwhile. I have also found its laser detection to be exemplary when vehicles in front of me are having their speed being measured by LIDAR. This notice of another method of police surveillance is most appreciated also and a reminder to check my vehicles speed. This is important for the area in which I live as the nation’s fastest road is only a few miles away and the traffic in general tends to move faster than the speed limit. So the dilemma is how to move with the flow of traffic but not be cited by opportunistic surveillance by the LEO. Thus for me, my Escort is a vital safety device.

    A significantly better detector would be a revelation and thus I cannot wait to try one in my challenging environment.

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  117. Brian Peterson

    Well, I have been using radar detectors over 20 years. I drive a lot so it is a necessity for me. With radar detectors, there is no reason to go with the cheapest and thus least effective device. I learned that lesson early so I have only owned the best one could get for the last 15 years.
    Radar speed measurement is a covert way for LEO to conduct surveillance on otherwise unsuspecting citizens. Thus a good radar detector is alerting the driver to these covert police activities of police activities primarily aimed at revenue generation rather than crime prevention. It is always prudent to know when one is being observed without ones knowledge or any notice given. It is also a notice To be forewarned of these activities is vital.
    I currently own a 9500ix and the heads-up speed display is vital to keep me informed of the precise speed at which I am travelling. It’s GPS awareness is vital for providing known revenue generation threats Its laser detection is exemplary when vehicles in front of me targeted by LIDAR. This is important for the area in which I live as the nation’s fastest road is only a few miles away and the traffic in general tends to move faster than the speed limit. So the dilemma is how to move with the flow of traffic but not be cited by opportunistic surveillance by the LEO.

    Thus for me, my Escort is a vital safety device.

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  118. Roy
    New subscriber long time escort fan. I still own every detector they have made from the original Escort to the passport to the escort dsp. I currently run a 9500ix and a solo 2 and am always comparing the 9500ix To my Valentine to keep proving that the escorts are the one to own. So with my 30 years of owning and using escort products i would be a perfect candidate to win one of these

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  119. Greg Beck

    Roy and Escort,
    First let me say, thank you for the opportunity. I appreciate your consideration and Escort’s openness for honest, unbiased feedback in the form of a product review.

    Here is list of my personal qualifications that I know will lead to a meaningful and relevant review of the new detector:
    I drive 800+ miles per week (in my sales role, based in Northern CA).
    My weekly driving is an even mix of highway, 2 lane country roads and big city.
    I have a B.S. in engineering.
    I’ve been in the electronics hardware industry for 25 years (including electrical engineering design and manufacturing).
    I drive from 8am to ~8pm weekdays, experiencing all lighting & weather conditions.
    I’ve only had 1 ticket for speeding (instant on, hiding in the bushes) in 15 years.
    I can write a review for my audience. Not too technical, not to dry, but with just enough excitement and enthusiasm to get people thinking “Hmmm, that sounds like a detector I should look at!”.

    My current detector is a 8500. I’ve had experience with dozens of other detectors. I would not mix the value of a consumer review, with that of an “expert” evaluation – as Roy does so well. My review would be based on how well this detector works in real life, with all the laser guns, radar guns, traffic radars, automatic cruise controls, bank & door false signals that I encounter on a regular basis.
    Thank you for your time and consideration.

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  120. Radar Roy
    I think I would be an Ideal candidate to Receive One of Escorts detectors and here is why. Since the Early 80s I have owned Every Escort Radar Detector made And still Have my collection to prove it. Have an Original Escort A passport And Original solo (9V battery powered with Digital key The Escort dsp with digital key. I am currently Using the 9500ix and the Solo2 On my bike. I also own a Valentine 1 in which on my weekend trips to my cabin I test them Side by side Just to Prove that Escort Hands Down Makes the Best detector. I had a Redline But i like the Gps Function So I decided to keep Rolling with the Blue Display 9500ix. As I have been using detectors for almost 30 years I have the necessary hardware to make a perfect test to prove Escort is still the detector to beat. I will run them side by side with the 9500ix the V1 the most current version and the newest escort detector. I will give you a fair unbiased opinion on it and It will be fair and unbiased. But Knowing the quality products Long Range and Minimum False Alarms Escort Has always put out I think we all will already know who the winner is. Just dont know quite yet what is it called.

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  121. Michael Wellman

    Dear Roy,
    I just wanted to introduce myself. My name is Michael. I’m 21 and have worked on cars for 2 years. I went to school for Collision Repair and have installed a couple 15 volt electronics. I feel that I know the basic knowledge pretty well. Also I’ve owned a fair share of radar detectors. I started with a Cobra when I was 17 and loved what radar detectors could do so I stared looking into them more and I found that Cobras were just a toy compared to what else was out there. I continued to look into the different detectors and found one I liked… The Escort 8500 X50. Since I was 17 at the time and dint have a lot of money to spend on one I started smaller. I had that for a year and wanted to upgrade. I then purchased the 9500 IX. I loved it! That detector was so nice to have. Finally, a detector that didn’t go off to every K band alert out there. I had it up until here recently when I purchased the Smart Radar Detector. It wasn’t my favorite from Escort but it was pretty nice. However I did love the Escort Live! That was by far the coolest concept I’ve seen. I live in the city of Columbus, Ohio and it worked very well in the city and especially on the highway. It’s saved me from a lot of speeding tickets now that I have a 2013 Ford Focus ST. The only thing I wanted to improve was the range so again I continued to look into it. Friends suggested the Redline but I didn’t want all those false alerts. Although with Escort Live I didn’t have to worry about that so I went with the Redline with the hard wire Bluetooth connection. I have had it about two weeks now and this one is by far my favorite! The Escort Live makes it the best detector out there in my eyes. Then a couple days ago I was on YouTube page (I am one of your subscribers) and seen the video of you at Escort for the new detector and from what you are saying it could be the best detector out there! I knew I had to have it! Then it got even better… you said your giving two away! I would love to test it out for you! I take the highway to work every day and think I’d be a great candidate to test it out! I also keep a Go Pro cam mounted in my car so I would be able to get good video feed so everyone can really see what this thing can do. Thank you Roy! All the advice you have given has really helped me out and I just hope I can return the favor!
    Sincerely, Michael

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  122. Red Zone Cowgirl

    The highway suddenly opens to the grade. The Beasty is hard-wired with sophisticated technology recommended by Roy. I am nearly bullet-proof. Nearly.

    It’s a 56 mile trip to work and I’m thinking about the Escort contest, which I just shared with both my organizations’ 6,522 Facebook and Twitter followers.

    I remember Roy’s warning, “Don’t be the leader of the pack. You’ll get burned.” But I am the leader. That’s who I am.

    Bracelets jingle as I slide the stick shift into 3d gear. One tap of my cowgirl boot on the pedal, and my Italian sports machine, like a teasing boyfriend, pushes me into a red leather bucket seat. The responsive, snarky growl of my freeway rocket is thrilling. The turbo kisses the red zone just before hitting 5th gear. We hug twisting mountain roads like a puma on a rabbit.

    The Escort Redline has been curiously silent. Is there a standby radar trap lurking in the next dip? I take the gamble. I have an aching need to dominate the freeway. The curve and sweep of the road intoxicates. The Beasty has more to offer. I’m not yet fully satisfied.

    Every road warrior will pounce on an opportunity to pair responsible driving with ultimate protection. Will this next-generation detector live up to the promise? I shall put it to the test through California’s infamous ‘Radar Alley’. We’ll see if it meets a highway Goddess’s requirement for precision, and safety.

    I will have it all.

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  123. masterjim

    I have been using radar detectors since 1988 when “Liberty” by Whistler came out as the first radar detector designed for motorcycles. A 2-piece unit that picks up X and K band only is now outdated,even though it still works and I still have it. Next was the Whistler 1585 which had voice alerts and was Made in USA and had a 3-yr warranty. That lasted a good 10 years, then I traded it in for a Beltronics V955. I later got the Pro GX65 (still have the 955 as backup) and use both on a Techmount system on a Kawasaki ZX9R on city streets,freeways,and canyons. A good radar detector should go off long before you see the radar source,kind of like a “bionic eye”, which Beltronics does,and work around corners,which is important for sport bikes. Many “Ka-band” saves with Bel,which is robust enough for motorcycle use. Los Angeles would be a great testing ground with freeways,highways,mountain roads,canyons,surface streets,and speed traps with laser and Ka-band bogies. Also filtering from false alarms and other radar detectors will truly put this new model from Escort to the test. I use the Escort 12-volt amplified cube speaker which allows me to hear the detector at 80 mph,or can use a corded earphone if wind noise is very loud. The ultimate radar detector would have the range and DSP ability of Bel/Escort,arrows of the V1,built to mil-specs rugged enough for motorcycles,and a satellite based system for speedtraps,red light cameras,real time bogey threats and the like. Adding infra red heat sensors,night vision to detect animals,deer,pedestrians,etc. would be a plus. Of course,all this would have to be affordable.

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  124. Adrian Pruitt

    Hi Roy, my name is Adrian and I’m retired Air Force. I was trained in Law Enforcement and started operating radar and training personnel on different systems starting in 1991. I’ve also have years of experience in Field radio, which help me to gain an understanding of the Frequency Spectrum and band widths. I’ve testified in court both as an officer issuing a citation and as a defendant who received one.
    I love the techniques of running radar and the dynamics of employing a radar detector. I understand that the detector is just a first line defense tool and you still have to use your eyes and ears to know what is really taking place. I know that I drive my wife crazy while using my detector, because I always have the audio and visual on. After I receive my first alert, I get excited and she instantly tries to push the mute button. In an instant I began my ritual of checking the band and frequency, listening to the tone, scanning the area, rechecking the terrain and weather, evaluating the flow of traffic and then began my search for the cause of my detector being activated.
    I enjoy driving and almost on a daily basis my routes include the Interstate, City, Downtown, Residential, Country and Mountain driving. I would be honored to Test, Evaluate, Record and Write a through review of this new product from Escort. Thank you for your time and sharing this opportunity.

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  125. Tommy Bunyard

    Hello Roy,

    YouTube link here;

    I first got interested in Radar Detectors when I was a kid.

    I started to read up on the subject of RADAR detectors in the early 90’s, and one of the first articles I read in Car & Driver was about the *new* Valentine One (1992, good grief, am I that old now?).

    When I got my first learners permit, one of my first purchases for my truck was an old Escort Passport 4500. It was a couple of years old by then, and I bought it used (when you’re 16-17, you are primarily concerned with GAS as your main investment in a car), but it worked great. Couple of years down the road, I’ve tried many detectors from many companies. A few good, some bad.

    Lately, I’ve been using a Beltronics RX-65 (S7 Antenna, USA Mode), and I let my mother borrow it for her long distance trip from Florida to Texas, and as of this writing, she has yet to give it back to me, and now she wants me to hardwire it into her vehicle.

    The reason that I can do that, by the way, is because I watched your “How to hardwire a radar detector” video. Thanks Roy! Now, I’ll never see my RX-65 again! Hahaha!

    I would be interested in putting the new Escort Radar Detector through its trials. In my daily commute, I go above hills and around corners, so I can put it through a battery of tests against state and local police RADAR, (K, Ka 33.8, 34.7, 35.5 – I/O, C/O). I also have plenty of areas to test it’s filtering capabilities against false alerts, both K and X band.

    Thank you for your consideration.



    -TerragonSix rd.net
    -TerragonSix rdf.org

    P.S. – Enjoy your trip, I hear South Dakota is wonderful this time of year.

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  126. Stephen Bramell

    Is it the 10th yet???

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  127. Hey Roy,

    Thanks to you I have quite the arsenal of radars pass through my inventory and rack up thousands upon thousands of miles through both my daily 60 miles of commuting and events for my Jeep & Mustang automotive communities. I’m a staff member of a large Mustang community based in the midwest known as chicagolandmustang.com and have shared my experience with Escort/Bel/Valentine and why they are leaps and bounds above

    Since 2006 I’ve had the following (Starred are what I currently own/have ready access too):
    Beltronics V940****
    Beltronics V955
    Beltronics V995****
    Beltronics RX65 Blue****
    Escort Solo S2****
    Escort 8500 Red
    Escort 8500 X50 Blue****
    Escort 9500i Red
    Escort 9500ix Red****
    Escort Redline****
    Valentine 1****

    I’d love to put the new escort against these other detectors and share my experience with my local mustang enthusiasts and with the radardetector.org community.

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  128. Kevin Nicholls

    Hi Roy,

    Longtime reader, first-time responder… I’ve got two primary reasons why I think I’d be a good candidate to review the new Escort detector:

    1) Two words: Livonia, Michigan. Ranked #1 in 2011 and #2 in 2012 on the National Motorists Association’s list of “Worst Speed Trap Cities”. Sometimes it’s local police, sometimes state. Sometimes radar, sometimes laser. Sometimes marked cars, sometimes unmarked cars. I-275 has been fertile ground for every trick in the LEO book, and I drive the entire stretch 10 times each week.

    2) My Amazon reviewer rank has been in the top 250 for nearly three years, and I’m in their Vine program. I don’t claim to be the best reviewer to have posted an opinion online, but I must be doing something right. And, I don’t let a free item add bias to something I review.

    Softer reasons? Well, I’ve been using a number of different detectors since the early 90’s, going from a $60 Cobra from K-Mart, a number of Whistler and Beltronics models, a Redline, and my baby, the 9500ix.

    Finally, I’ll commit to paying it forward. Whether it’s this new detector, or my trusty 9500ix, whichever detector doesn’t find a home on my windshield, I’ll pledge to send to a runner-up of your choosing, shipping included.

    Fingers crossed here,


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  129. Jerry Hanley

    Son of Snooper? No one mentioned this radar detector. Very stealthy design for its period, was it the first? I checked in at the Radar Detector Museum, no picture, just its successor the Super Snooper(s). I think my old snooper, and others are in the attic. I will have to send my grandson up there to retrieve.

    I take exception to the Fuzzbuster being a piece of junk, it actually worked pretty well. You just had to know its limitations, as Clint would suggest.

    From Snooper to my present, cost effective Beltronics (front and rear facing units), I have used many of them. Primarily Escorts and later Beltronics, as economics dictated most purchases. I still have a CB in the old van (250K miles on the odometer).

    I don’t drive 25 plus much more, but I still stretch it out when the need arises. (Speeding of course is not a requirement to test detectors) My eye sight is not as good as it once was, but I can still spot a cop car before most folks and even before the radar detector from time to time.

    Experience breeds instinct. I have them both.

    The trouble with your tester requirements is I can’t make that kind of commitment. I would not want to let you or your fans down. If I could, I’d be your man.

    I look forward to the reviews. They are the reason I own two Beltronics. I will have an Escort again someday.

    And YES, having a radar detector does help you to be more alert and conscious of your driving.

    Keep up the good work! I would have really enjoyed riding with you when you were a police officer.

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    • Tommy Bunyard

      I believe the first official commercial radar detectors, other than homebrew attempts was the Radar Sentry. Early 60’s, it sniffed out S-Band, and later, K Band.

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  130. Stephen Bramell

    T-6 days & counting!

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  131. Thomas Baird

    This story begins in 1965……. America is ramping up its space program, Eisenhower’s Interstate Highway program was well under way to improving transportation across this great land, and a boy was born with “ducere peditibus” (google it). This affliction would lead to persecution and scowls from those who wanted to fill their coffers when he began piloting the 1970 Plymouth Barracuda on the highways and byways of Arizona in the mid-80’s. To thwart such traps, the young man learned that Escort was the bee’s knees and promptly anchored one in the vehicle. Fast forward to an incident that illustrates the value of an Escort. In 2010, I headed to my Ridgeline in the parking garage. As I approached, I found my driver’s side window smashed and glass all over the inside and outside of the truck. WHY? So that they could grab my Escort 9500i! Emotions ranged from anger to frustration knowing two things: 1. I would have to drive home in a Florida summer with nothing to stop the wind or rain from hitting me; and 2. I was to drive home without my trusty sidekick to watch my back!
    I am rocking the Beltronics GX65 Pro now. Many times it has prevented getting tagged, but a Clearwater officer was able to tag me with his LIDAR. My hope is that Escort has made improvements in that arena as more LEO’s are equipped with LIDAR.
    It would be a privilege to review the newest Escort as I commute the roads of Tampa and Orlando.

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  132. Jeffrey H. Smith

    I have been a radar detector user in the State of Virginia since I was 16 years old. I’m now 52 now, and have only had 2-RDD tickets in all of that time. I have had the opportunity to use numerous brands, at least 6 that I can remember. My first radar detector was obtained from one of my friends dad, who was a Virginia State Trooper(since retired)and we retrived it from his cache of confisciated detectors! Two of the six detectors have been Escorts, and I only replaced the last one, when I received the RDD summons. One of the detectors is still in use by one of my sheriff friends. They all worked great and a old Car and Driver review convinced me to try V1 and it has been in use for at least 6 years. My travels daily include 4 different counties, the interstate and travels along a federally owned highway. Daily, I run the gambit of various local, state and federal operated radar.
    If I am selected your readers will get an unbiased review from an everday user with 36 years of experience in a State that does not allow their use.

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  133. John Moskowski

    Can not wait

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  134. Brian Beisel

    I’ve been using a RedLine since it came out and it has easily paid for itself several times over.

    I live in northern Virginia, about 15 miles outside of Washington DC, hence the undetectable RedLine. I travel through VA, MD, and DC several times a week so rely heavily on my RedLine and the Escort Live service. Maryland is littered with speed stationary speed/redlight cameras as well as mobile laser speed cameras that they move throughout Montgomery county.

    In addition to testing the functionality of a new detector, I will also test and report on the build quality of the detector and what I think Escort can do as a company to improve.

    I’d love the opportunity to test the new detector in this very dynamic area. From the mountains to the city and everything in between.

    Thanks for reading and thanks for your consideration.


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  135. David

    I am selling my 9500ix and on June 10th will be taking a 6,300km road trip from the west coast to the east coast of Canada. Good testing milage for this new radar detector Roy!

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  136. Don Kuchelyma

    I would be interested in testing the new Escort Radar detector. I think anyone testing the new Escort should be in an area with high radar coverage. I live in the Edmonton area of Alberta, Canada. I presently have a built in 9500ci in my BMW and a 9500ix that I use in my company vehicle. I have had a radar detector starting out with a built in BEL in the late 70″s. To give you an idea of the radar gauntlet that is a typical day, let me tell you about today. On the way to work today I pass through an intersection which is a red light camera as well as a speed on green. The GPS in both my 9500’s is a benefit for the Red light/speed on green cameras. Next about ten blocks down the road is truck parked on the service road with a Ka Radar camera. About 10 blocks further before the entrance onto the express way is another truck parked on a service road with a Ka Radar camera. Now onto the express way after about 10 minutes, and just prior to leaving the city limits, s a van parked on the shoulder with a Ka Radar camera. Trip to work today one Red Light camera, three Ka Radar cameras. This is a typical day in high radar enforcement Edmonton Alberta. The Police an a long weekend two weeks ago were happy to inform everyone of their over 1400 speeding tickets issued, not included camera tickets. The local police now include a LIDAR camera to their arsenal. My 9500ix did not even let me know I was caught after having my picture taken. The only clue was the two speeding tickets by mail. The radar taxation on drivers is an easy sell by the Police as a Taxation on Safety.

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  137. Stephen Bramell


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  138. Jered Morgan

    I’ve been a radar detector fanatic since the day I bought my first one from radioshack in 2002, cat#22-1682 banned by the fcc for not being compliant. Since then I’ve owned/used Cobras, Escort SRX, Whistler XTR-695, V1 and Bel-STi-R and would be really interested in reviewing Escort’s new product to see how it lines up. With over 7,000 posts since 2006 on radardetector.net (using handle Lucky225), I’m one of the most active members of the radar detector community and in the top 16 contributors to the forum, in fact I’m the last one besides happya$$ to even be posting still with the next member trailing behind from march and the rest 2012 and before. So if I don’t get a chance to review this then I nominate happya$$, but I’d sure like a chance considering I just got my first speeding ticket in the last 6 years since I’ve been using the STi-R last week. Besides being a hobbyist, I’m an avid writer as well and have wrote over 10 articles that have appeared in print publication and would love to write a radar detector review! I’ll be sharing this on facebook under this account and on twitter via @lucky225 Thanks for consideration!

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  139. Stephen Bramell

    4 More Days To Go Until Launch!!!

    I can’t wait to learn all about the Max, I’m hoping the Escort Engineers (aka mad scientist) go into all the details about how it works, why it works & what it took to make it work.

    It’s going to be an exciting day for sure! And we get to find out who the lucky two winners of the new Max will be. Keeping my fingers crossed, wishing, hoping & praying. I would absolutely love to get picked, but with so many really good entries & qualified community members, it’s hard to tell. I do know I wouldn’t want to be Roy at this time, picking two people from this group is going to be hard.

    Regardless I wish everyone good luck (including myself) & even if I am not chosen (will cry like a girl) I will be happy for the two that are.

    I think it’s awesome that we get these kind of opportunities from Roy & Escort.

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  140. JRK

    I’m of the impression that the upcoming Escort Max is just but the beginning of a new plateau in clairvoyant engineering and visionary anticipation of the future needs of motorists; not just a device engineered into an architecturally-attractive industrial design or marketed to condone motorists’ avoidance of vehicle code statutes by way of excess speed, there are many new features that will enhance the motorist’s safety and also prove appealing to spouses and/or significant others.

    The new, multi-color OLED display will provide superior image quality and immediate, viseral feedback of information in fashion similar to the screens of current smart phones; further, integration of Escort Live and the Defender database, combined with anticipated software upgrades to the Escort Max, will allow the user’s recognition of more than necessity of precaution, but will help bust the revenue stream of many municipalities by way of enhancing the motorist’s (and all motorists’) recognition of “fish in barrel” moving violation traps. My last 30 years of driving were notable for no moving citations until a recent moving violation through a highly-complex, 7-way intersection broke that record. Curiously, motorcycle-based police have, for more than five years, been pulling motorists over in order to issue moving citations to motorists who are unable to readily view nearly invisible signage. I envision EPROM upgrades to the Escort Max that will further-expand the capacity of location marking, i.e. the “Other” category, to include such munipal revenue traps!

    The optioned Escort Max should be viewed as a marital appurtenance as, no longer in need of incessant updates from the spouse as to regional speed limit(s) and/or upcoming signage/signals, one would be free to enjoy more of the scenery, ambient music and conversation. These Escort Max units will sell themselves to the spouse, significant others and friends!

    I currently own an Escort Solo S2 and, while I like it, I’d love to benefit from the “out-of-the-box” engineering that is the Escort Max. Clearly, the Escort Max offers much to look forward to!

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    Feedback: 1 positive, 1 negative
  141. norman g

    it all started around 1975, i was driving my parents car through a little city called troy ny, i had just bought the new edger winter 8 track, i was playin the song frankenstien, when i looked in my rear view and i saw the flashing red lights, i pulled over and the cop said to me (i thought i was gonna have to shoot at ya to stop you ! whats the hurry,) ever sence that day i said to myself i am gonna get a radar detector and drive alot safer, so i bought a fuzzbuster super het detector, it worked very well, then a friend introduced me to the escort original dector, wow, it was greatest, i tryed a whistler spectrem. radio shack detectors, then the escort passport, escort 4500, then the escort x50 then the ecort 9500 ix. i compared them side buy side. escort detectors were the greatest for range and quaity and customer support. i have 38 years over the road experience. i rate escort # 1 .

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  142. Stephen Bramell

    Just got to make through the weekend & it’s Escort time! I don’t think I’ve ever looked so forward to a Monday before!

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  143. Ted Elkins

    Roy, you might remember back in 2002-3 I bought the Bel detector from you and we had a talk or two about Rocky Mountain radar, I sent you the one I had for you to play with or take apart. I lived in new Mexico at that time.we had emails about Vail and you recommend no using due to the deer problem in the mountains. I aways take your advise. I have been a Escort user from the days of the 70’s in the 55mph time era . i now HAVE THE 9500IX AND A BLINDER 2 head now which I got from your sales outlet. We have moved to the DFW area where you must have the best help always I read your blog all the time as you are the number one guy to go to for the latest and greatest. I would give the new Escort one whale of a test and I think at this time I would get a Escort jammer to see how it worked compared to Blinder changing out on weekly basis I feel I could give a very good al around view on the newest Escort Detector.

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  144. Victor Fields

    I am 67 years old. I have received a few proformance awards from city and state officers for speeding and one award from a state officer on my sport touring motorcycle for 5 to 10 MPH over the limit.
    My first and last detector was purchased in the mid-sixties after receiving a ticket when I wasn’t speeding. It kept going off what seemed like for everything, I became a wreck after using it each day driving 20-25 miles to work. Someone broke into my vehicle and stole it from the company parking lot.
    I believe I am really quilty of one thing, DWB (Driving While Black),for that I am quilty.
    I would love to test one the newest detector to see if technology has advance to the state of really detecting. To use for speeding, no….but to know would be the gift.

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  145. Bram W

    I’m a huge radar detector-fanatic and would love to help you review Escort’s newest detector, Roy! My very first detector I found in a garage sale and was a piece of junk that would only notify me when an officer already measured my speed – not before he would. I then stepped my game up a little by getting a 9500ix – what a fantastic device this was. A long story short, I own six detectors right now and I’m sure I could help you out by comparing them all to this new detector! I drive every day (usually for four hours or more) and I usually travel through Broome County in New York, which is always crawling with officers trying to catch you speeding. I’m sure Escort’s new detector would be able to show itself off in this area specifically and I could definitely shoot some great videos here! I also drive through at least three or four states each and every week so I could test it against a big range of signals. The bottom line is that I feel like I could definitely help you during your reviewing-process by testing Escort’s new detector against a big amount of radars, officers, areas and other variables!

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    Feedback: 10 positive
  146. Pierre Lai

    Morning Roy!. I am very interested and have a passion with cars radars detectors. I love testing and I enjoy informing others about which radar detector to buy and which one will work best. I am very familiar with the use of cars radars and the different tactics that are used. Well, I have had the pleasure of living through the evolution of radars detectors and I have been in this field in almost 10 years and within my experience I know and distinguish which Radars are useful. I am an enthusiast, and early adopter of counter measurement technology. I always stay up to date, and really enjoy watching new innovations from different manufacturers. I believe your timing of this new device is impeccable and is a new enforcement tools to date, that is required for every motorists and cars drivers everywhere in the world. I will be fair and honest in my review, having a radar detector does help you to be more alert and conscious of your driving. For the past 10 years, I have been using a varieties of Radars detectors such as Omega, Beltronics, Valentine and Cobra. When passing through traffic lights, banks and airport, these radars detectors were providing false alerts awareness. I was very disappointed with these radars detectors. On the contrary, I have borrowed from a friend a brand called Escort Passport and I think this was the best radar detector I have ever used. There was not any false alert awareness and the product was very reliable. I have also seen many reviews giving positive and accurate information about the new Escort Passport. There is no reason to go with the cheapest and thus least effective device. I learned that lesson early so I have only owned the best one could get for the last ten years. Though it may be quite expensive but your radar detector brand name PASSPORT ESCORT is really worth it for the price. I was very impressed when using the product and it was very reliable and efficient. I definitely recommend peoples even my relatives to buy the NEW Escort Passport CAR RADAR DETECTOR. Thank you in advance for reading and for your consideration.

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    Feedback: 1 negative
  147. Jason Reynolds

    I started off purchasing an Escort 8500 X50 as my first choice during my start up of the radar detector hobby. Throughout the years the Escort X50 proved to be one of the top of the line detectors even after newer improved units surfaced. I would take long drives at night into the wee hours of the morning just looking for a police officer to be running radar. Some nights I would come home bummed that I missed the opportunity to actually get radar shot at my awesome unit. Then other nights I’d get hit with radar throughout the night. The Escort 8500 X50 had so many cool options that you could change, along with the display. One of the only detectors with a customizable display which I thought was awesome. On the nights I got hit with radar, I would drive past the radar source over and over, calculating the time and distance that the X50 could detect radar. I would always be so happy to go home and brag about how awesome the unit did and recommend it to my friends and family. I even ended up talking my father into buying an Escort 8500 X50. But over time I would watch as other newer units came out and beat the X50. It made me furious as the results would just show the X50 getting more and more outdated. So I ended up buying a competitor unit. The unit works great, except for the fact that I end up ignoring alerts because they more times than not are a false. I get teased by my wife who jokingly asks where it’s picking up the next Walgreens up the road. She calls it the Walgreens detector.

    Now that I have wonderful full time job, I travel through nine (9) different municipalities 5 days a week too and from work. Plus, encounter the state highway patrol and county police whom also sit along I-70. I end up passing twenty-three (23) known enforcement points each day. I am guaranteed to get hit with, K, KA, or laser at least once per day of travel. In most cases three (3) to four (4) times. The downside of my drive is that I get many K and Ka band falses coming from automatic doors, other leaky radar detectors, and cars with park assist. It would be a pleasure to use the Escort Max to alleviate false radar signals and get back to detecting real radar sources.


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  148. Louie Saez

    Good Evening Roy,
    I apologized for the lateness of the hour. Please let me introduce myself, my name is Louie Saez. I’m a huge fan of yours and you’ve helped me decide on more than a few purchases.
    The invitation to participate in the on-line unveiling of the new Escort Max triggered almost thirty years of fond memories that inspired my passion for radar detectors and Escort products in particular. I can’t remember the last speeding ticket I received ( has to have been more than 20 years ago ), but I do know how many speed traps I’ve beat.
    One of my more visual and funny memories, was the installation of my 9500 CI. I had purchased a 2002 Corvette and had, of course, ordered the 9500 CI with laser jammer. It would be hard to say which of the purchases had me more excited. By happenstance ( or great customer service ) my 9500CI was shipped to my house two days before the Corvette’s first owner delivered the car. My wife still tells people, I bought the Corvette to go with the 9500CI. As an automobile mechanic by trade, I decided to install it myself. I quickly learned it wasn’t a one person task. So, I recruited my wife, Sandi, to help me. Like all women, she has a great need to ” read the directions”. She must have watched your video tutorial 50 times. So much so, that she began explaining how radar detectors and laser jammers work to me. Remembering her with a 6′ floor level, a laser beam, and a ruler to measure 18″ from the center of the license plate will always be a bonding moment with my wife that I treasure. For that, I owe you a sincere thank you. If I had video of her that day as she evolved into an Escort convert, I could save many husbands, the almost always necessary pleading and explaining that precedes the purchase of a radar detector.
    The kids are grown and I owe my wife a road trip that doesn’t involve the phrase ” he’s touching me”. I would relish the opportunity to provide an honest review of the new Escort Max along with video of “head to head” comparison with my 9500CI and 9500XI live. A cross country road trip would also provide some wonderful new memories to my Escort history. This time when she’s funny, I’ll have it on film.
    I’m honored that you are even considering my input regarding a product I truly endorse.

    Thank you sincerely,
    Louie Saez

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  149. CSM Watson (US Army)

    Hi there Roy, Sergeant Watson here and first off all I want to say thank you for giving me the opportunity for at least trying to be a winner.
    After 24 years as a US Army Ranger (24 Years Active Duty, and my 8th tour in Afghanistan, I’m proud to say that I’m back in the states and on a well deserved different assignment. I’m with the 3rd Recruiting Bde.
    I have been a recruiter before but it was never like this. Being on the road was and still is a way of life when you’re driving thousands of miles per week trying to keep this country free by putting men and women in the Army that are qualified. As long as I’ve been up and down the highways of this country, I’ve looked for every detector out there that would do what it advertised. Normally, we Army recruiters would possibly get stopped but as soon as the boys would see us in uniform, we’d get a “slow it down Sarge and be safe”. Now, I think we get singled out. Since I’ve been station in the Ohio Valley, I receive at least three tickets per week trying to keep this country safe. I drive up and down these roads hoping that the troopers would understand that this country has people that want to serve and it’s my job to get them to the Military Entrance Processing Station as soon as possible. Still, I get ticketed.
    I would be honored to be selected to test the new device. Not only will it give me a piece of mind, but I’ll be able to test inn in real road situations….including the MP radar on Ft. Campbell, Fort Knox and other military installations.
    In advance,
    Thank you Roy for this chance….


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  150. Pat

    Hello Roy,

    As a European sales manager for a US high-tech company, I’m driving all around Europe (50.000 km/year)and use to sell my solutions with P.O.F (proof of concept).
    That’s why I love testing and demonstrate: Nothing is better than facts.
    My playground will be France, UK, Germany and Swiss. Those 4 countries are probably the worst for enthusiastic drivers with the latest technology speed traps. For those reasons, I feel I am, at least, your second candidate.

    I have been using radar detectors for many years now. The first one was a Bell “Hotspotter” in…1985 when I was student in British Colombia (Vancouver).
    Later I even modified it to detect the French X band which was 9.9 Ghz (instead of 10.125).
    Then I had lot of models including Bel 990 international and so on).
    I am currently using an undetectable STI-R, which is “mandatory” in Europe, to avoid radar detector-detector.

    As you can easily understand, to protect my driving licence is my first priority for my job that’s why I like to have the best protection on the market and with more than 5000 km a month, I know most of the used tricks by police.
    Last, but not list, my brother is dealer of used sport cars and his brother in law, is the chief of the highway police patrol, using latest control speed weapons (no one is perfect !)

    To conclude, if Escort would like to export that new model, and if you’d like to extend your audience with non-US readers, I’m the right man for the job.

    What else ?
    My report will include different roads pictures than what your readers use to see.
    So send me that new Escort Max and you won’t be disappointed !

    Best regards,


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  151. Dave

    This would not be for me (I Have a 9500) but rather for my wife. I can sum up why she needs it in less than 200 words, 3 actually: 2008 BMW M3.

    Drive spirited – drive safe.

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