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  1. Rebel

    What a wonderful trip this must have been for you. The real world experience you described with detectors was extraordinary. I certainly would like to let you know how much I appreciate the time you took to share with us not only the performance of the detectors, but the nuances and fun you had with this journey! Reading your journal has pretty much convinced me to give the Whistler pro-78 a try. I had a whistler once and wasn’t impressed with it, but I have heard nothing but rave reviews about the new unit, and have decided giving it a try after learning of your positive reviews on it too.

    Happy Holidays!

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  2. Roy, I have to say, almost a year later to the day, this was one of the most enjoyable and intense seven day period in my life.

    Looking back at our journey, you were an excellent co-driver and I am thrilled we were a team.

    As you stated, we definitely experienced some bumps along the way, but in the end, I will never forget the experience and perhaps when I manage to have the time (and the “statute of limitations” comes into play) I can share some of our wild adventures on our team blog: Smokey & the Bandit Ride Again.

    Hasta Siempre.

    Your Friend,

    Cowboy Bob (aka Veil Guy)

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  3. funny man

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  4. – The officer who is being jammed, Can not possibly know who jammed them from a Self Error Code that laser gun gives off. That gives them no right to search a persons vehicle. They can Assume of course and pull them over and ask to search, but if you're the moron to allow the search well then you shouldn't be driving with a jammer.

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