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  1. charlesr

    ie gps angelredlightspeedcamera

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  2. cryhavoc

    so this thing blows chunks then?

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  3. jalan

    None of these guys maintain their own database which explains why the accuracy is junk. They either use user-generated databases (which generally suck) or they find bootleg copies of legitimate database developers online, then build their user generated databases on top of those.

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  4. The following is a comment from the manufacture of the GPS Angel regarding my review:


    Thanks for your review and feedback on the GPS Angel.

    We recognize that having an accurate red light & speed camera database is crucial for a successful product. As a company, we are committed to making our database best-in-class and will continue to invest in this area while ensuring that our product remains the most affordable on the market.

    The GPS Angel database is compiled from public and private sources and is verified and edited by full-time employees. In addition, we accept user-submitted updates through our web site and have a multi-step process to verify these submissions for accuracy before adding them to our database.

    We offer free database updates which are released every Monday through our GPS Angel software. Consumers can buy the GPS Angel today for only $99 and be confident in knowing that a steady stream of regular free improvements to the database are available each week for as long as they own the product.

    We are confident in our database and have made the camera map available at http://www.gpsangel.com for customers to browse or search by zip code prior to purchasing. We have many satisfied GPS Angel customers in Arizona, Maryland, Illinois, New York, Texas, California and many other states with photoenforcement programs.

    Thank you for your continued dedication on creating awareness and advice for this growing area.

    Best regards,

    GPS Angel

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  5. Jack McDaniels

    Response from the manufacturer seems legit. Just saw the GPS Angel on Amazon and the reviews are good too and the price is a fraction of the Cheetah.

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  6. sv650k4

    i hope there database improves im hanging loose for now to see whos to buy

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  7. AzBluefox

     My daughter recently purchased a GPS Angel in Oct. 2009. We live in Phoenix Arizona. She had trouble getting the GPS Angel Manager software to install on Windows Vista. (Bill Gates best LOL) But after writing to the GPS Angel technical support people, she was able to get it to work. After she got the software to install on “VISTA” properly, she connected the device to her laptop and downloaded the camera updates. It worked perfectly.

    Then she bought one for me as an early Christmas present. I love it !! After driving around the state of Arizona with it for a few day’s, I noticed three (3) camera locations that were not in the unit. I went to their web site to view their camera locations “before” I added them to their web site data base. When I added them to their web site I got a message saying they will add the camera locations that I submitted “after they have been verified”. I strongly believe they are fully aware that their competition could try to mess things up for them.

    As far as the GPS Angel alerting when there is no camera there, my answer is this. Leave it alone. Arizona is known for relocating their “fixed camera’s” from location to location. Just because it’s gone doesn’t mean it won’t return again someday and catch you off guard. So I recommend to the staff of GPS Angel to leave those positions alone.

    Next, I highly recommend a Mac version of the GPS Angel Management Software. Things would really run smoothly then. 🙂 Their technical support team told me they are in the process of developing a Mac version right now.

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  8. svek808

    I have been using the Inforad K1 for a few months and it seems to be very accurate.

    You just have to download the database updates via USB from their site which I’ve heard is their own generic database..

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  9. Fast money for the RCMP. Do the speed limit and don't worry about it.

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  10. It is interesting how the local citizens react when they know that the photo radar cameras are a scam. I was riding my motorcycle westbound on Lincoln from Scottsdale Rd yesterday in the right lane. As I was passing a convertible with the top down, the passenger started waving to me pointing at the side of the road ahead where the first scamera was located. This couple was probably in their 60's and she told me to be aware of the photo radar cameras and speed traps on Lincoln. I acknowledged that I was a member of Camerafraud and was aware of the fraud and told them to check out camerafraud.com to learn more. The mobile scammobile was about a 1/4 mile ahead in its usual place on the right behind a wall. Gee Ernest, that must mean that older citizens are in favor of photo radar. UH,DUH!

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  11. rio

    You need to type slower, I think some people here completely missed your point (RIGHT P/C???)
    Photo radar is a poor deterrent for speeders, only education will help, however municipalities are addicted to the income, so lets all get used to it.

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