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  1. Carol P. Smith

    Passport Max2 is best one i have used it before and have positive thoughts toward it. Thanks for sharing.

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  2. flitetym

    The most useful advance any of these devices can make is to contribute to a system of “radarcasting”. Radar/laser detection must be viewed as but one component of information in a myriad of driver data collection strategies. Next-up will be how UAVs will contribute. Yes, you heard right.

    The automatic internet re-broadcast of verified police radar transmissions must be considered as the next level of threat detection. In the least, instant re-broadcast removes the “element of surprise” to police laser acquisition. But even these reports will benefit from live human observation, interaction and reports to sift-out the “duds”. This means expanding the network.

    To this point, I think the separate development of ESCORT LIVE is a mistake. Escort Radar should have become a component of a larger network such as Waze, Motion X, or Garmin.

    Drivers need to start thinking “out of the box”, and understand the person with the freshest information — wins.

    Because traffic tickets are a method of tax collection and statistically have very little to do with safety, drivers must protect themselves from “unreasonable taxation” without representation. (And no, I’m not including the airhead teens driving grandpa’s Buick at 90 while drunk on the interstate).

    Welcome to the “brave new world” of driving. The protection technology is available now … let’s start using it.

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    • Well let me address some of your comments

      Escort Live was developed in 2007, prior to Waze becoming popular and Garmin was approached and they didn’t want to become involved with it

      As far as the “freshest” information you also need to add the most accurate. Because of this I prefer Escort Live. Also agree the UAV’s will become the new “bears in the air” as they are much cheaper to operate

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