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  1. zr1

    I’m on two wheels much more than I’m on four as I ride 12 months out of the year. I’ve attempted to adapt a number of things from autos to bikes over the years, but it’s always an effort as a bike is just a different environment.

    The bike-friendly touches on the TPX definitely have my attention. They’ve already worked out the waterproofing, getting the signal to the rider, use with gloves, mounting options, and more.

    I’m interested to see if the performance/falsing logic can be smoothed out. I live in a area where X-band isn’t used, so the NoX feature is a plus. I would also like to see an interface between the wireless helmet display and laser jammer units on the market.

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  2. Hi Roy,

    Thank you for your thorough evaluation and taking time out of your busy schedule to meet with us.

    We appreciate your comments and advice and will use your suggestions and recommendations to further improve our products.

    We look forward to continue to have you evaluate our products, and as always, we welcome your positive comments as well as your constructive criticisms so that we can better our products!

    CEO, Adaptiv Technologies

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  3. Esoterica

    So was this still then only a prototype model you were testing or was this to be the actual production model? Also, is switching from Highway to City NoX on it that difficult while riding the main problem you had with this? Seems like making it an option to just hit a button and switch modes quickly would solve that issue rather easily.

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  4. Esoterica

    My only current bikes are dirt bikes at the moment, but I’m looking for a great deal on a street bike this year. Our local very large Honda shop is one of my MX sponsors so I can get a great deal from them, making the plans to get a street bike this summer even more desirable (not to mention gas prices), but I am still favoring the Hayabusa. I’ve certainly had my eye on this specific purpose detector since I first heard mention of it several months ago, and still do. I’m trying to understand the difference mentioned as a need for “better filtering” due to excessive false alerts, and this same scenario in the V1 but referred to often as “better sensitivity”. Isn’t both “better sensitivity” and a need for “better filtering” both one in the same and both going to equal excessive false alerts in the same way? I already use the 9500i in my daily driving and absence of annoying false alerts has been heaven sent. My street bike wouldn’t be a daily driver, but a open highway, mountain pass pleasure vehicle in rural areas where false alerts would be of little concern to me. Maybe that’s what I find somewhat confusing in this review and I’m wondering if maybe I should be reading between the lines more and the comments at the end of the review is just a nice way of saying the detection capabilities are limited? Ignoring the false alert aspects mentioned, would you say the actual detection capabilities of the TPX are at least within close range of the high end detectors? I hate to put you on the spot like that since you seemed to of specifically not mentioned this, but this is important to me, particularly for a new product the rest of us no little about in regards to actual performance. Even if its within close range of detecting radar I thing the advantages of the purpose specific build of this detector make for a significant difference. The only thing it seems like it could be improved with is maybe a mounting mechanism which could be somehow key locked for anti theft safe short runs into a store, yet a quick release at the same time for those times when you’re going to be away a little longer and can simply unlock it and take it with you. The brake reservoir two screw mounting sounds like a great idea, but I’d fear it could leave me without front brakes if a thief were to without care attempt prying it off my bike. A quick release key type locking mechanism would certainly be a plus. It would be even cooler if you could have a locksmith key the cylinder for it so your bike key would work to unlock it.

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  5. This was the final production model we tested for the review.

    The filtering issue is allot worse then the V1. I found that other detectors would set off the TPX and when activating city the performance dropped off.

    In speaking with the engineers at TPX I know that this is a high on their list to address.

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  6. Dave Capiello

    After reading your review and doing some research on the internet, I decided to give TPX a try, and I have to say, it’s a great product. I used to run a V1 and the sensitivity seems to be on par with it. Keep up the good work Roy, your reviews are great!

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  7. Mike B

    I got a unit and the false doesn’t seem to be any worse than the Escort that I run in my car. The only thing is that it picks up other radar detectors on the road when I go by cars using radar detectors, mostly Cobras and Whistlers because I can tell the general shape of the detectors in other cars when I ride by them. Which leads to a question: do all radar detectors leak, just some more than the other? Because it seems like when I ride by V1s or Bels or Escorts the TPX stays quiet, and I checked to see if my Escort would interfere with the TPX and vice versa and neither one went off in the presence of the other.

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  8. Nice

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