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  1. tailgater

    What about the Valentine 1?

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  2. Ian Zimmermann

    Question….if the device is angled at 22 degrees across the oncoming traffic, how is it getting an acurate speed reading? Doppler radar (relation of speed to the device) is greatest when direct head-on. OR….does the device have the ability to account for the cosine error (normally only seen on Radar in Fighter jets, etc)?

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    • "Radar" Roy Reyer

      With the cosine angle effect the reduction of the registered speed is known, so this is programmed into the unit to register an accurate reading

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  3. kyle

    Thanks for the advice good to know. When you say tilt do you mean roll it along the longitudinal axis of the detector or do you mean rotating it along the vertical axis to point towards the edge of the road. I wasn’t sure if it was to improve angle or to improve polarization.

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  4. John Baker

    I am considering the Escort 9000ix and was wondering have you tested it against the Mississippi Highway Patrol. Do they use a Ka band or what type of radar are they using?

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    • "Radar" Roy Reyer

      @John Baker yes, been tested in Mississippi.
      Drove through there last year on I-10 and was surprised to see that X band was still in use in some areas

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      • steve


        I went to school in avondale,AZ. Their use to be tons of REDFLEX photo out their. I have the 9500i installed in a silverado. Also i had your m25 laser also. I could not pick up anything. I even pointed the radar at the gun and nothing. Driving out their from delaware, I drove around D.C. which also has the camera. They were detectable with the 9500i but only like 300ft away maybe shorter, just a estimate. The one I saw on i395 was mounted on a side of over pass. They looked much more like the picture above. I think it would be interesting to look into the washington D.C. area which has all kinds of of police measuring devices, and unlike arizona they are not set up the right way by any standard.

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        • "Radar" Roy Reyer

          @steve Yes, DPS had a bunch around I-10 and the 303. If and when I get out to DC I’ll check out what they have out there

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  5. Pablo Cozzaglio

    Dear Roy,

    First, I’m really impressed with how good and complete is the information on your website, and even more with how you take your time to individually answer everybody’s questions. You’re one of the few website owners making the internet a more “humanized” place.

    I’m a journalist and photographer actually living in Ecuador, South America, and having trouble (we are many, actually) with a new photo speed enforcement law, very severe, you can actually go to jail for 3 days (no bail, and 300 USD fine) if caught going faster than 38 MPH everywhere on cities.

    Speed enforcement never existed before in Ecuador, so there is no market or knowledge at all about radar detectors around here. And no law forbiding them.

    The problem now is that the police is only using last generation Multinova photo radars, wich I know are really difficult to detect.

    Here are a few pictures of the units:

    My question is simple: what is your advice for dealing with this radars. What is the best detector, the best technique for installing and programming them. We are at least 10-15 people desperately needing them, can we get a discount buying that quantity from you?

    I really think Ecuador is a good bussiness oportunity, nobody wants to go to jail for going 40 mph! You can do some research and sell detectors around here!

    Thanks a lot for your time, greetings from the middle of the world,


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  6. mottie

    first before anyting let me say i love the great service provided by radar roy and i am also a proud customer of roy as for the notorius multanova 6f or 6fa (mobile version placed on the grill of a police car) the only detector that can give an alert in time is the v1!!

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