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  1. Adrian Pruitt

    Hi Roy, my name is Adrian and I’m retired Air Force. I was trained in Law Enforcement and started operating radar and training personnel on different systems starting in 1991. I’ve also have years of experience in Field radio, which help me to gain an understanding of the Frequency Spectrum and band widths. I’ve testified in court both as an officer issuing a citation and as a defendant who received one.
    I love the techniques of running radar and the dynamics of employing a radar detector. I understand that the detector is just a first line defense tool and you still have to use your eyes and ears to know what is really taking place. I know that I drive my wife crazy while using my detector, because I always have the audio and visual on. After I receive my first alert, I get excited and she instantly tries to push the mute button. In an instant I began my ritual of checking the band and frequency, listening to the tone, scanning the area, rechecking the terrain and weather, evaluating the flow of traffic and then began my search for the cause of my detector being activated.
    I enjoy driving and almost on a daily basis my routes include the Interstate, City, Downtown, Residential, Country and Mountain driving. I would be honored to Test, Evaluate, Record and Write a through review of this new product from Escort. Thank you for your time and sharing this opportunity.

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  2. This event is about to sell out, so we will post a replay of this event on June 11th

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  3. Randy Krefft

    I would like to see the review thanks

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  4. Chris R.

    hope I’m not to late for this ! Thanks Roy

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  5. Mark Norenberg

    I would like to attend the live event on the 10th but am not finding the place to sign up. Your help would be appreciated. Thanks, Mark

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  6. I like to drive and and drive a lot in southern california and the western states of America, I have used a couple of different brands of radar laser detectors and presently use the Escort Redline for driving in the great desert highway systems of the great western part of the united states.

    I have not gotten a ticket since I purchased (Escort live and the Escort Redline Radar/Lase detector) which I direct wired my both into my vehicle. I have tested it against the ever present county, city and state police radar and laser in many ofthe western states. One great fantastic assist to me is that I use the Escort Redline Radar/Laser detector in conjunction with the Escort live software program on my cell phone.
    With the help of all the other drivers using(Escort Live); their alerts posted on the Escort live network really helps me know where the police are hiding long before I get to them; whether its over the hill, or around a corner or hiding behind the over pass; I am alerted by Escort Live network. As I approach the speed traps of the police the Escort Redline Radar / laser detector fantasticly; almost like magic; it see’s the glow of the police radar before they come into view (before I get over the hill or around the corner) and warns me in enough time that the police radar trap is just up ahead and gives me time to check my speed and slow down if I happen to be going to fast.

    I love the help from the other drivers with the Escort Live Network, and Especially the ESCORT REDLINE RADAR/LASER DETECTOR WITH IT’S FANTASTIC MAGICAL EYES THAT SOME HOW SEE THE POLICE RADAR TRAP BEFORE IT SEE’S ME!


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    I am a retired 84 year old driver up and down the highway every day. I have been retired 22 years AND OFTEN go on trips, bought a 900ix years ago and still use it. This escort have saved me a many times, I ride with it on automatic, it let me know well ahead of time to slow down.
    It is also good driving through these small towns, they have speed camera up every where, this unit let me know where they are before I get to them.
    There was a crew of guys on a overhead bridge with a camera, however they would not turn it on until a car was coming down the road, My escort 900ix picked them up long before I GOT TO THEM.

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  1. […] On June 10th, 12:00 pm Eastern I will be hosting a 1-hour live online event with the team at Escort Radar during their unveiling of their newest radar …. […]

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