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  1. Darren

    I am in Victoria Australia and wondering have you got any contacts here, deal direct. Enquireing about payment and delivery on a remote unit with hidden interface.Must be an undetectable unit for country driving. Something simple but effective.Thanks for your time Darren.

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  2. Esoterica

    I really like that full color LCD display, its amazing that in the year 2008 now other detector manufacturers have not taken this same route. On a down side though, other in vehicle devices I’ve used with LCD displays do make night time driving difficult by being too bright in the vehicle and often they are difficult to see in the day time. Stealth is still a big concern of radar detector users and having a display on your windshield thats visible from 5 miles behind you would likely generate many complaints from these types of users.

    Integration of different devices is quickly becoming a very catchy and obvious here to stay trend though. Uniden has clearly been doing their homework on consumer desires and upcoming trends, too bad it doesn’t sound like they did their homework on making it an actual working useful product by going with a better integrated detection system. It sure would be nice to see one of the detection leaders like Escort come up with some useful integration options for modern car stereo head units, GPS Navigation systems, or indash PC systems.

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