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  1. kyle

    i thought my cobra was bad that is horrible

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  2. Orbital75

    Wish I had more hands, so I could give
    that detector four thumbs down. 🙂

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  3. Caballito

    Perhaps it’s a matter of quality control in their manufacturing. My unit has picked up a state trooper shooting traffic coming down a hill… it hit on the signal refracted over the top of the hill by forward scatter, while I was coming up the other side of the same hill. That’s the only time I’ve had a chance to see the sensitivity at work… the other times I’ve gotten hits have been in mixed traffic where I got several seconds warning before I picked out an OK state trooper running with his gun on. One complaint with the Cobra ESD-7000, I was using an old escort passport (and I do mean old. 🙂 and I wanted to compare them side-by-side. I know the Passport is sensitive, I’d get intermittent hits on it from metal objects from police gunning on corners. Anyway when I turned the Cobra on, my Passport went nuts, the cobra is apparently putting out a fair amount of microwave signal in normal idle operation. Not really a good thing.

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  4. From my experience Cobra detectors aren't too great. Furthermore radar detectors do not detect police, they detect speed/motion sensing radars. This is why the motion sensors at grocery stores set it off, because it detects motion. My cobra radar detector is a huge waste of money, Cobra is second to keeping your eyes scanning for Crown Victorias.

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