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  1. InfinitiMoon

    Just curious, but what exactly does Escort have patented regarding GPS-enabled radar detectors? It was my understanding that Uniden was the first company to release a GPS-enabled radar detector a couple of years ago (something like 1/2 to 1 year before Escort’s Passport 9500i), and they still make at least two models, from what I can see.



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    • You’re correct that Uniden was the first company that added GPS functionability into a radar detector, however the features that Escort uses today were not available them , such as the ability for the user to add/delete speed traps into a database.

      Also Escort’s Patent involves the inclusion of the GPS directly into the radar detector. The models that Uniden and Cobra are both making involve an external GPS module that plugs into the detector.

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  2. mark

    Roy, although I’ve never actually tested or used a Radarshield unit, it’s a little presumptuous to claim it’s “crap” off the bat.

    I also don’t see how registering a domain privately is such a problem. Many of my own domains I registered privately.

    Many people also open companies in Oregon for tax reasons – maybe that’s changed under Obama, I don’t know much else about it.

    Anyway, this blog is something I’d expect to see coming from a tabloid, not from an allegedly experienced person in this industry.

    Hell, just buy one and then say it sucks. Maybe it does, but until you try it you’ll never know.

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    • Mark, I don’t have to try the “RadarShield” I know who manufactured it and I’m familiar with their products.

      And as far as “hiding” your identity and location is of concern. If I have a problem with your product and/or service how do I find you?

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  3. Kokohungary

    It’s a piece of shitttt!!!
    If you DON’T BUY ANYTHING from them!!!!
    IT’S an INTERNET SCAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  4. Just like RR said RMR is a fail on KA band, and I put up some videos to show it. I purchased a conqueror SR3 remote from China. I have run several hundred miles at the speed limit and tested it out.

    The ULTIMATE and most annoying feature is that despite what the box says there is NO english. If this Fing thing says “KA King” one more time I am going to throw it out the window. That being said the K band performance is decent, and I have had Zero X band alerts.

    More than likely I disbled the X band and had no idea. This unit claims to have KA narrow band and other conqueror units tested decent against the KA camera tripods.

    In an urban environment this thing goes off KA band or “KA King” I should say like every 5 minutes.

    The geiger effect is decent on this unit as I approached a real KA threat it is audibly different then the false signals and alerted at approx 3/4 miles which is about right for the section of divided highway with concrete median. There is a chime before every band announcement which causes you to loose 3 seconds of reaction time before the band is announced, unless you slow down for the chime.

    For a while I had zero detection because I had it set to GPS output for radar functions on the gps navigator instead of the CIG plug speaker.

    They claim the wireless RX is bluetooth which may be an interesting addition to a car computer if one could capture its output and design a smartphone app or whatever.

    The interesting thing is that there is a super low power KA band radar sign by my house. The Passport, SteelEye, K40, and RMR ignore it completely. The $70 cobra my wife insisted on buying bleeps once or twice, and so does the R7 I have. This chinese detector not only detects it both ways, it detects it before you turn left at a 90 degree axis.

    Until I can figure out the 4 main menu items, and between 2-6 sub items for each main option, I really have no clue what its set on city/highway, and it also claims to have 4 sensitivity levels.

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  5. too bad no one sues these people for false advertising

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  6. Top 5 Detector Picks

    Rocky Mountain Radar is probably the biggest cheap ass detectors on the market. But.. then again.. they don’t really work either.

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