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  1. Erwin

    Hi Radar Roy,

    I have been to your website many times and cheerfully, I am very appreciative of what you have to offer – especially with your reviews and ratings of radar detectors.

    I thank you for answering my questions in the past about radar detectors of my choice. I am seriously considering buying one soon – but have more questions to bring to you before I can really decide what I want.

    I have recently read your webpage about Batmobile. It’s pretty interesting that you’ve recommended the Escort 8500 x50. I’ve heard that it’s a pretty good detector. Interestingly though, why didn’t something like the 9500ci and STi-R go into the Batmobile? I can’t help, but to say that these are the best for Batmobile as the permanently concealed versions of detectors are ideally meant for custom unique vehicles. I realize that you have both the 9500ci and STi-R Plus in your personal vehicles; better yet, I know you have very logical reasons for that and I absolutely positively support all of that for you!!

    Please share with me with regards to my curious question. I look forward to hear from you soon. Thanks a bunch & have a nice day!


    Erwin Sitt

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    • This install was done back in 2007 so at the time the STIr and the 9500ix were not available and the 8500 was the king of the hill. If I was given the honor today, yes would be the STiR and the Blinder 905HP

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