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  1. WOW is all I can say. I can not believe this review came from a respected magazine!

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  2. You know guys, I really think this is more about a testament to how far our online community has come over these last years. And, I suspect this is true with other industries’ online-communities as well…

    Nice call, Roy.

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  3. David

    Not that I don’t agree with you, but for the record… Escort offered a 80 upgrade to those who had purchased the 9500i in the months following the release of the 9500ix. The upgrade however retained the red display from the 9500i even though the outer casing was labeled 9500ix.

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  4. FoolishOne

    REALLY late to the article, but I loved how you just picked apart his article. It really shows just how stupid or sneaky some people can be.

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  5. Find this interesting also, I posted a comment to the article on the Automobile Magazine article along with ten other people when they published this.

    They since have deleted all the postings and say that no one has posted to this article!

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  6. cobra-ka-leaking

    I wanna know which one won their test. I know which one won mine.

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  7. thewuzzupkid

    I know this is a couple months old but I thought I would like to add that the Cobra in the article they clam is “XRS 9955”. It doesn’t have the thumb drive looking thing on its side, which is the Aura GPS database.


    The Cobra XRS 9960G comes with it, and it’s about a $130 difference. And you get a lifetime subscription when you buy the 9960g


    They would have to buy the Aura GPS. Which with the XRS 9955 it is $99.95 for a year subscription and the device to use it, then after he buy that they would have to pay $29.95 for every year that they want it. So it would have been more practical to buy the XRS 9960G Cause after two years of having the XRS 9955 and buying the Aura would cost more money in the long run to have.


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  8. powerpickle

    That was a horrible review that does not tell a potential consumer anything worthy to decide on a purchase of either unit. That review was about as bad as Mitch Album phoning in his article about a basketball game that he didn’t even attend!! The reviewer probably bought both units from Overstock or Ebay thinking that they were “brand new” from the manufacturer. *makes a mental note not to buy that magazine*

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