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  1. Ted

    I was told by a California Highway Patrol Officer that the only objection to mounting anything on the windshield was it could NOT be located at the bottom center but could be mounted on the lower right or left corner of the windshield

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    • cjd

      the law was changed to fit the above description 2 years ago, before nothing on windshield, now not in viewing area so off right or off left is ok, this was to accommodate GPS they could care less about making it easy for Radar Detector owners

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    • AZHEMI

      I have a blend mount for my v1– have never had any cops even in CA say anything about it.

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  2. BrimStone
    Radar Roys Rating

    Hi Roy, I love your site, your reviews, etc. My ONLY problem is you should run a SPELL CHECKER before posting anything. The word SUCTION is spelled wrong on this page.

    ex.: •The only issue once you begin using this mount is that you will NEVER go back to those cheap succion cups again! This is an awesome mounting system!

    But don’t feel bad, I find grammar and spelling errors in the the local Atlanta newspaper.

    And $90 for this mount is a bit high. I made a similar mount for my myself a few years ago for a fraction of this cost. If I can’t find a quality product at an inexpensive price, I make my own.

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  3. cjd

    in the video is shows it shaking all over the place, just like the suction cup mounts, they all vibrate, mine may not be perfect but I took a pop in style Velcro 3 bucks at radio shack this is the Velcro that is locking plastic on both sides, no fabric, and attached it to the dash, again it may be a bit low but it is solid and no jiggle so I can read it solid, I have done this mounting for over 15 yeas on 5 different cars and 5 different Bel Detectors and never had a problem

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      I’ve used radar detectors for many years; my first was the shoe-box size ESCORT [30 years ago?]. I have NEVER used suction cup mounts. VELCRO dash mount [$2.79 at AUTOZONE] works fine. I have just tried a new product “MAGIC MOUNTING PAD” from AMAZON. No better than VELCRO but very sticky. I leave my PASSPORT X-50 dash mounted all the time and cover with a ball cap when parked. ONE MILLION [PLUS] MILES AND ZERO TICKETS!

      By the way, the X-50 IS THE BEST DETECTOR [for the money] available! AND, NO RANGE LOSS WITH DASH MOUNT! I considered a “RELINE,” HOWEVER, the X-50 is perfect for my needs.

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  4. Anson

    I bought a blendmount mount system earlier this year for my Ford XLT ranger. Now I am replacing the Ford with a Jeep Cherokee Latitude. Will the mount I bought to use in the Ford work in my newer jeep? Thanks for your time.

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