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  1. crazyVOLVOrob

    Roy go ahead and try to talk to Rual with 20/20 or 60 minutes cameras at your back!!!! That would truly make sure RMR bites the dust

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  2. I’m not speaking on behalf of Rocky Mountain but I had one for a couple of years and after reading many horrible reviews about their product, I sold it to a customer. I own an auto & truck accessory store and we sell a few different detectors among other items. I always thought that it had to work because there were to many instances where I should have gotten a ticket and didn’t. I honestly used to swear by them but was influenced by several reviews that I read. I was either very lucky or those detectors really work. You can only be lucky so much.Right??

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  3. Ryan

    You are the MAN Radar Roy! You have the best site on the web and actually care about your customers. Thanks!

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  4. Stalker

    Go Get em ROY, we all know these guys are scammers and it will only be a matter of time before they are in jail and the business is closed for scamming people. When you challenge them next time make sure your cameras are rolling and post the video on the internet.

    Keep up the good work ridding these scammers from the industry.

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  5. Interesting reading that’s for sure.

    I’ve been told by many that these things worked, but I have to say no one with any expertees and I guess that I will have to ask a few of my old comrades in the service about these issues.

    As a comment though I would have to say that the risk to reward equation seems to have been overlooked with regards to the use of these devices, after all, what’s the real cost of a ticket now and then as regards the risk of imprisonment.

    For me the issues are fairly clear and well defined, so it would seem the alteration of ones driving habits may have the better hand, even for people like me, who now retired, have to get used to not driving at 135.


    Dave F.

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  6. Just read the article and appears as though I go ripped off at the Houston Auto Show. Guess I should have been a little more alert. I asked there National Sales Manager if Radar jamming is illegal and she said passive jamming is not illegal. She did agree to pay any ticket I got for one year. Non of the reviews I have read have anything good to say about this detector or company. Are there any good articles out there on this company published by a independent tester?
    Jack Gott

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  7. kyle

    i mean it looked to me the concept works but not in a real life test so it makes me wonder if it is possible to make a passive jammer that works. I would like to see such a device but i don’t like people who try to screw there consumers like RMR does. I sent them an email with some questions but the never responded i wonder why?

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  8. X

    I have spent a few hours today on the phone with heartland America (whom I bought my detector from). I let them know they are selling an item that is falsely advertised and gave them a link to your site. I appreciate the legwork you have done on your other website to condense the references confirming RMR’s B.S. “jammer”. I really wish some of the big company’s would stop carrying RMR’s products so people like me and my friends aren’t fooled into something that could cost thousands and possibly loss of a license. I was caught in 2 speed traps last year and I was following 4 or 5 car’s and they pulled ALL of us over, along with a point violation for another ticket I would loose my license for 3 months if I received another ticket. Of course I was browsing a Hearland America catalog and found the “no tickets guaranteed” and purchased one right away. I need a car for work because there is no public transportation where I live, so I would be job-less and screwed if the “no tickets guaranteed” was ever put to the test. I wish I found your site sooner, luckily I still have my license but someone like me might not be as fortunate. I talked to Raul today from RMR and he came up with some bogus excuse that “the FCC is citing us therefore the jammer works” I said thats b.s and the FCC isn’t even following suit with their claim.

    -just another pissed off customer

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  9. Kevin

    O.K, Honestely, what is the correct answer… I mean radar roy, you sell the escort so I could see reasons on why you would knock the RMR… Not that I am defending RMR, But I just really want to know the truth… I talked to RMR about your demonstrations on the RMR jammers and they said if you look at the tape again, the jammer is actually turned off (which it is…), there is no power light on? I hear good reviews and bad!! I talked to a mom and pop store who sells RMR and other detectors and they said they have heard nothing bad and only good about the RMR’S… So really what is the truth… It seems that anything bad about RMR is on a website that you (Radar Roy) is featured on, possibly trying to get people to buy your product instead… What is that best product really? What is the best Jammer out there? Thank you….

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  10. Ric Blade

    How can we test the jammer ourselfs so that we know it works? It’s said we can not use the road side radars because it lacks computer equipment, but it has computer equipment to work the radars.
    I really would like to know this, please.


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  11. That is BS that you cannot use a roadside trailer because it lacks the computer equipment! The equipment used is identical, this is another BS statement made by Rocky Mountain Radar.

    You can also obtain a real police radar gun someplace, however their equipment will not jam that either…

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  12. Tom

    I have had an RMR302 for at least 6 years. There have been at least 50 instances where I was surprised by an instant-on radar and NOT ONCE did I receive a ticket. I am convinced that mine works. I just ordered the RMR450 and am giving the other one to my son. There is NO WAY I could be “lucky” every time.

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  13. Lee

    Wow, what a great debate about Rocky Mountain Radar and Radar Roy. I Still do not have radar myself cuz I could not afford it. I have 94 Mustang GT. I do drive fast sometimes, but keep eye on cop cars. I did not get any speeding tickets and the last time I got ticket was in 1984. Well, you know this is free country and this is America and we should be free from police control over us beacuse of our U.S. Constitutional rights. I am still against police radar gun over us and should be stop. We are responsible american people who can drive common sense and learn to drive defensively!! Let me tell you honestly, that I feel that police powers should not be uses to collect cash for the city, county or state. They must protect and defend not just the Constitution of the United States but the rights of the people and should not take to job of a revenue-producing agent from the goverment. Lee

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  14. Scott

    I actually did a test with the new RMR450 Radar/Laser Jammer unit on youtube. It was under “Blinder Laser Jammer test 2008”. Some guy in a white chevy pickup stopped and asked if he had jammed our Pro Laser II gun. I said no, I clocked you at 62 mph at 844 feet. The man was stunned that his Rockey mountain radar detector, did not jam. I told him they Never do! I told him a card board box would give him better protection.

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  15. fiftyohm

    Here’s the real deal, sports fans:

    Churchman worked for me for a year or so at Echostar, (now the Dish Network) in Denver where I was the Director of Engineering in the early 90’s.

    He had the “product” then. It didn’t work then, and it doesn’t work now. Anyone with a half-ounce of RF engineering expertise can calculate why it can NEVER work. Mr. Churchman is a fraud, and has always been a fraud, and the “product” is a fraud too. This is not hearsay – I’ve tested the “product” in the lab myself, and have (mistakenly) employed Churchman.

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  1. […] Last year when I issued my $5000.00 challenge to Rual, the head engineer at RMR, while tv cameras were rolling, the RMR staff were a little gun shy at the CES show, held just a few months later. When I was spotted near their booth at CES in January, CEO and President Mike Churchman would quickly duck under the display leaving his staff to handle any questions. […]

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